In The 7 Day Qi Challenge, you will learn how to relieve pain, reduce stress and reach higher states of wellbeing with as little as 30 minutes a day.

Qigong is said to be the art that prevents disease and prolongs life. Plus, it’s great for health-conscious individuals who seek to naturally maintain and improve health and happiness.  

Learn how to focus your mind, release stuck emotional baggage and live the life you are meant to live.


This is the list of topics we will cover in The Qi Challenge


August 30 – Day 1 – Qi Pillars

Apply the pillars of breath, posture and mind focus to your life.
In this class we lay the foundations for the rest of the week.  Make sure you bring a smile and a bottle of water.

August 31 – Day 2 – Qi Boost

Increase and boost your energy.
Learn the concept of Qi being our life-force-energy and how we can channel this energy to heal the body and access increased health and vitality.

September 1 – Day 3 – Qi Relief

Negative emotions are the leading cause of death and disease.
In this class, we learn how to release certain negative emotions so that we can let go of what is not serving us and feel more peace and tranquility.

September 2 – Day 4 – Qi Focus

Focus and boost your energy using simple exercises and lots of fun.
In this class, we allow for the imagination to learn the mind and the mind to lead the smooth flow of the Qi..

September 3 – Day 5 – Qi Balance

Peace and harmony is our natural state of being.
By doing the exercises in this class we are brought to a place of calm and relaxation.

September 4 – Day 6 – Qi Health

Experience and examine health and happiness.
In this class, we feel and experience the increased health benefits brought on by a regular Qigong practice.

September 5 – Day 7 – Victory – Q&A

Your questions will be answered as we develop a victory mindset to create the life you are meant to live.

Client Feedback​

See what our clients are saying

Eric the Trainer

Hollywood Physique Expert



Chris empowers people to heal…at home when they’re doing Qigong on their own.

 “As a health-and-fitness professional, I don’t know many people in the world who can do what Chris can do. He empowers people to heal on the table when he’s in the room and at home when they’re doing Qigong on their own.”

Katie Williams

Qigong Trainer and Student


Health benefits

This is vital information that everyone needs to know and their health will benefit from knowing it. 

“After watching the video series I realized that this is vital information that everyone needs to know and their health will benefit from knowing it.  It seems like common sense the way Chris explains it… I’m excited to see Qigong blossom and for multiple people to learn about it!”

Mike Kroeger

Bass player for Nickelback


Pain relief

Mr. Shelton used Qigong to fix me. Doing Qigong exercises are really cool!

“My neck was in terrible pain. I was told I needed surgery. After one hour  of Qigong,  three herniated disks were repaired.  Mr. Shelton used Qigong to fix me. Doing Qigong exercises are really cool!”

The top 7 reasons you don’t want to miss the 7 Day Qi Challenge:
✅ Experience the benefits of consistent practice. After seven days of practice, you’ll be filled with invigorating life-force energy! 
✅Learn simple, effective, and easy-to-do Qi exercises that will reduce chronic pain and relieve stress.
✅Learn how to more easily access creativity, clarity and peace of mind.
✅It’s completely free. You’ll have complimentary access to the Qi Challenge and all of the routines for the duration of the Qi Challenge. 
✅You’ll be joining a community of health conscious like-minded individuals.
✅You’ll have the opportunity to spend time with us and soak in the knowledge of our 40+ years of combined experience.
✅It’s available for a limited time only. 

Empowering you to be the best person you can be


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