Yoga Hike Meditate collage 4.22.16 We at Shelton Qigong are proud to teach classes that slow down the aging process, aide in dealing with past and present trauma, prevent/reduce disease and increase your well-being and vitality. Call if you have any questions (408)391-2846

Qigong for Better Health Live Stream –

Thursdays, 5:00-6:00pm (pacific time) April 2 and April 9, 2020

Shake it off with us!  Release fear and worry, access calm clarity.
By focusing on breath, posture and thought patterns, you will learn simple movements and meditations that restore peace of mind and better health.
Or use zoom meeting ID: 706 206 854


Paused until further notice – FREE Tai Chi at Don Edwards SF Bay Wildlife Refuge ||

1751 Grand Blvd. Alviso, CA || April 4, 2020 , 9:30-10:30am

Click here for more details and to join our MeetUp group. Come experience the flow of Tai Chi and Qigong in an extraordinary setting.  Join Morning Crane staff instructor for an energizing and balancing practice.  There is an optional 30 minute guided walk after the one hour class.  This class is made possible due to the generous donation from San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society.


Qigong Meditation

Originating thousands of years ago from Ancient Chinese, Qigong is a powerful movement-based meditation renowned for clearing and balancing blocks affecting our mind, body and spirit. Using movement that engages the entire body by focusing breathing and posture, practitioners learn simple movements and meditations that restore harmony and balance. Oprah isn’t the only one celebrating Qigong as the “new yoga.” Some of our most famous Morning Crane clients (e.g., actors, bodybuilders, authors) consider Qigong the foundation of their vitality and well-being. Qigong shows you which energy and thinking patterns are impacting your inner and outer world. Give yourself permission to shift into perfect well-being and take command over compulsive thinking, anxiety and stress. The great thing about Qigong is that you don’t need a mat or special clothing. It is helpful to bring and a smile.

Tai Chi

Shelton Qigong is proud to offer traditional Chen Tai Chi Chuan. Improve your balance, coordination and self-awareness with Tai Chi. Often described as a combination of yoga and meditation, Tai Chi is derived from martial arts but performed slowly, softly and with great poise and grace. Tai Chi promotes the healthy flow of Qi (pronounced “chi”) or life energy. According to traditional Chinese Medicine when our Qi is fully balanced and circulating smoothly, our mind, body and spirit are pain-free, calm and tranquil. Although Tai Chi appears as a deceptively slow and simple series of movements, clients enjoy benefits ranging from deeper joy and creativity to deeper sleep and freedom from anxiety. Participants are encouraged to wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes. Bringing a water bottle is also recommended.


Build the Healthy, Happy, Pain-Free Life You Deserve

For a limited time I'm offering my FREE personality assessment I use with clients suffering from physical and emotional pain.  You do NOT need to live in chronic pain! Your body CAN heal naturally and you CAN overcome pain, stress and trauma.  Let me show you how!