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Qi means life-force-energy; Gong means skill or practice.  Qigong is an ancient healing modality, which can unlock your body’s natural ability to heal and maintain health and vitality.

There are two tracks of Qigong services that we offer –

1.  Group classes sometimes referred to as “self-regulatory Qigong,” which are simple movements, breath practices and guided meditations that are done in a group class environment or by yourself.

2.  Private healing sessions  which take the shape of “Medical Qigong,” acupuncture, reiki, massage, energy medicine. These are therapeutic hands-ons on healing that is administered by a practitioner and received by a patient/client with the intension of healing-transformations.  The foundation of our practice is based on the fact that blocked and negative emotions are the leading cause of death and disease.   The foundations are based in traditional Chinese medicine, Acupuncture, five elements, and energy cultivation.

For live online classes, join us in The Qi Club every Wednesday, 8:00am pacific time. Plus on-demand pre-recorded classes.


Medical Qigong


Medical Qigong is one of our specialties at Shelton Qigong.   An ancient practice based on the principles of Chinese medicine, medical QiGong is the practice of harnessing Qi to help balance, integrate and release physical, mental and/or spiritual suffering.

The body is wired for vitality and joy.  Pain is the body’s way of talking to you.

According to Chinese medicine the leading cause of death and disease is negative emotions. Common day-to-day feelings like disappointment, sorrow, envy, anger and rage are not inherently “bad.” But when strong emotions are suppressed and repressed, physical symptoms like inflammation and illness are the result.

Medical Qigong helps people get to the root of the emotional imbalance and help clear blockages.

The proven benefits of medical Qigong include:

  • strengthened immunity and vitality
  • relief from pain stemming from common complaints such as poor digestion, headaches and arthritis
  • alleviation of depression and anxiety
  • reclamation of younger, firmer (slimmer) body shape
  • increased memory, recall and creativity
  • deeper access to joy, intuition, peace and belonging


One of the techniques used in a medical Qigong session, Cupping is an ancient technique used around the world to facilitate the body`s natural ability to heal.  Cupping is often used to complement Medical Qigong and Acupuncture sessions.

Cupping has been shown to:

  • Alleviate joint pain
  • Relieve sore muscles
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Increase range of motion
  • Help with cold and flu symptoms

By taking glass or plastic jars with a smooth rounded mouth, cupping creates a partial vacuum on the skin’s acupoints, allowing the release of toxins and potential for dis-ease in the body.

Toxins often accumulate in our connective tissues, which create blockages and impedes blood and fluid circulation. The vacuum of the cups stimulates the flow of Qi (energy), blood and lymphatic fluid, which accelerates the easy and direct release of toxicity from key areas of the body.



One of the techniques used in a medical Qigong session,“Mugwort” is an herb with a bit of a reputation. For centuries the spongy plant has been ground up and burned as a way to ward off evil. Today in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the practice of moxibustion is a blend of heat therapy and acupuncture. When mugwort is dried the herb is called “moxa,” which is burned close to a patient’s skin.

Moxibustion is painless. The herb is compressed into a stick or pole that resembles a cigar, or into little balls. When lit, the moxa stick or moxa ball smolders and offers a powerful form of targeted heat therapy that’s relaxing and non-invasive. Moxibustion is particularly successful at relieving chronic pain, stress, impotence, low sex drive, digestive problems and anxiety.

As with most forms of Chinese medicine, moxibustion is intended to strengthen the blood, stimulate the flow of Qi (life energy) and enhance general well-being.


Gua Sha (“Scraping” Massage)

guasha-400pxOne of the techniques used in a medical Qigong session, Gua Sha is a scraping technique used to help sore muscles and achey bodies.  For over 2000 years, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has recognized the healing properties of Gu Sha massage. Translated to mean “scraping away of pain,” Gua Sha naturally activates the body’s opiate centers (natural pain killers) and can eliminate acute and chronic pain immediately.

The purpose of Gua Sha is to release unhealthy elements, or blocked Qi, or stagnant blood, from areas of the body that are injured, stagnant or unbalanced. By applying pressure using a special spoon, coin or horn, the practitioner “scrapes” along acupuncture meridians and corresponding points, which releases knots, strains, sprains and spasms from muscles and tendons.

Over the past decade, Western medicine has come to embrace the proven healing powers of Gua Sha. Harvard and the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City have shown the positive physiological impact of microcirculation (“scraping”) and the measurable decrease in pain often associated with skeletal and muscular conditions.

Gua Sha is 2000-year-old ancient medicine capable of producing modern-day miracles in people seeking lives free from chronic pain and disease


Qigong Class

Part of the self-regulatory Qigong brach, Qigong classes can elevate your mood and bring about more peace and stability into your life.  Originating thousands of years ago from Ancient Chinese, Qigong is a powerful movement-based meditation renowned for clearing and balancing blocks affecting our mind, body and spirit.
Using movement that engages the entire body by focusing breathing and posture, practitioners learn simple movements and meditations that restore harmony and balance. Oprah isn’t the only one celebrating Qigong as the “new yoga.” Some of our most famous Morning Crane clients (e.g., actors, bodybuilders, authors) consider Qigong the foundation of their vitality and well-being. Qigong shows you which energy and thinking patterns are impacting your inner and outer world. Give yourself permission to shift into perfect well-being and take command over compulsive thinking, anxiety and stress. The great thing about Qigong is that you don’t need a mat or special clothing. It is helpful to bring and a smile.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is considered a moving form of Qigong.  Tai Chi classes are more physical and vigorous than Qigong class.   Traditional Chen Tai Chi Chuan includes several “forms,” which are a series of very specific movement  that are strung together to create a beautiful dance of sorts.
Tai Chi originated as a martial art to cultivate internal power.  We teach Tai Chi for health and happiness and promote cooperation rather than competition.
Improve your balance, coordination and self-awareness with Tai Chi. Often described as a combination of yoga and meditation, Tai Chi is derived from martial arts but performed slowly, softly and with great poise and grace. Tai Chi promotes the healthy flow of Qi (pronounced “chi”) or life energy. According to traditional Chinese Medicine when our Qi is fully balanced and circulating smoothly, our mind, body and spirit are pain-free, calm and tranquil. Although Tai Chi appears as a deceptively slow and simple series of movements, clients enjoy benefits ranging from deeper joy and creativity to deeper sleep and freedom from anxiety. Participants are encouraged to wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes. Bringing a water bottle is also recommended.

Reduce stress and increase your tolerance for challenge.


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