Tips To Manage Holiday Stress

When we say let “it” go this holiday season, we mean anything that is bothering you or interfering with your optimal level of well-being.  That’s why we created this week’s video: so you have tools at your disposal to help release any triggers, stressors, and holiday-season-side-effects, allowing you to relax and create more space within. 

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Chris Shelton’s Healing Journey: A Remarkable TV Show That Inspires

Here’s what Victor Migalchan, prominent Hollywood show creator and fellow martial artist, had to say about the upcoming TV show:

“As I read about this upcoming TV show, I couldn’t help but be drawn into the story of Dr. Chris Shelton’s healing journey. His dedication to holistic healing and his mission to spread awareness about the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine struck a chord with me. In a world often dominated by quick fixes, his approach of addressing the root causes of health issues and guiding individuals toward lasting well-being is both refreshing and necessary.”

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Reduce stress and increase your tolerance for challenge.


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