How to naturally reduce stress and release trauma.

How to naturally reduce stress and release trauma.

Imagine a healthcare system where you paid your doctor when you’re healthy and stopped paying when you’re sick?

Take the Five Element Questionnaire – By learning your dominant and least-dominant element type you gain valuable insight into your strengths, as well as (and most importantly) potential diseases to watch out for.

This is the premise of Qigong (pronounced chee gong), which was previously held in secrecy until recently. Once you know your element type, we have specific Qigong practices tailored just for YOU!

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Eric Fleishman (aka Eric the Trainer)

Host, A&E TV’s fitness-and-nutrition series “Celebrity Sweat”

Chris’ genuine care for those suffering in pain and discomfort makes a real difference in people’s lives. His unwavering conviction and ability to increase the quality of people’s lives puts him in a league of selfless individuals rarely spotted in normal life.

Mike Kroeger

Bass player for Nickelback

“My neck was in terrible pain. I was told I needed surgery. After one hour  of Qigong,  three herniated disks were repaired.  Mr. Shelton used Qigong to fix me. Doing Qigong exercises are really cool!”

Maria Shriver

American journalist, author, former First Lady of California

Chris has worked with me and my family for a number of years. Based on my positive experience with Chris as a healthcare professional and master healer, I invited Chris to introduce Qigong to the 2015 Special Olympics World Games. He hosted a series of onsite Qigong workshops focused on helping athletes and their families decrease stress while increasing focus and performance. Chris is also one of my “architects of change” and a master healer featured regularly on my website MariaShriver.com.

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