Eric the Trainer – Hollywood Physique Expert

Cung Le – Professional MMA fighter



Herchel Walker – Former Pro Football Player, US Olympian, and Heisman Trophy Winner

“I was introduced to Chris Shelton while I was getting ready for my Professional début in MMA. I had severely injured my big toe which made it challenging to walk or put pressure on and, as a result, interfered with my training. After three sessions with Chris the pain was completely gone and I was back to my normal training regimen!”

Bill Goldberg- Former WWF Wrestler and Pro Football Player

“I first met Chris Shelton while filming a prefight show for Showtime. At the time I had a nagging shoulder injury that Chris was able to not only address but fix in one treatment! A couple months later I flew back to San Jose to be the announcer for the fights on Showtime. Prior to getting on the plane I developed a crippling back injury that made it almost unbearable to walk sit, down, or even stand. Chris worked on me the day before and the day of the event and it was remarkable that by the end of my second session, I had no back problem at all! I fully endorse Chris Shelton and his ability and commitment in helping others”.

Van Do – Professional MMA Fighter

“Again, thanks for your support. You`ve contributed greatly to my success. I appreciate everything that you`ve done for me. You’ve helped heal my leg and back injuries.” Click here for the full audio interview.

Patty Subick

“One Saturday in January 1994 as I was working in the computer room of a large company and as I was getting up out of my chair all of a sudden a shape pain went down my left leg. I suffered from this pain for a year and 4 months; in that time the pain was in the lower lumbar 4 and 5 regions as well as the sciatica in the left leg. I was on 14 pain pills a day and nothing was helping. I did physical therapy and saw a chiropractor as well and still no help.

In May of 1995 I had a spinal operation because I became bedridden. This did stop the pain in the sciatica but did nothing for the lower spine. I was eating pain pills by the bottles and they helped in the first hour or so of each dosage. I went back to work 11 months after the surgery and that was hard. I eventually weaned off of the pain pills but I put on weight due to the lack of exercise and the increase in eating (depression I am sure). In January 2001 I left my job because it was too difficult to manage the heavy lifting of reports and boxes of copy paper.

Through work I became friends with Paul Dorian and he told me about Chris Shelton so after several weeks of hesitation I decided to go and see him. On Good Friday March 21, 2008 I had my first appointment with Chris. After talking to Chris and giving a brief history of my health he made adjustments to my lower body and then asked me to walk around the office area and I did; he asked if I felt any pain and I still had a stiffness across the hip area; again he made adjustments and I started walking around and then I realized I no longer had the pain which had been there since 1994; that moment can’t be described by words other than surprise and shock and yes the tears began as well. Chris told me to continue to walk and so I have done just that. I hike up at Rancho San AntonioPark every weekend four miles each day. Chris has made only one adjustment since my first visit and I am very grateful for his presence in my life. I continue to see Chris and I also attend Tuesday Qigong classes.”

Sasha V.

“As a holistic healer myself, as well as a big fan of qigong practice, I came to see Chris because I wanted to find out what it was like to receive a medical qigong treatment. The work he did made such a difference in my energy level that I continued on a course of treatment lasting several weeks. The persistent low-grade fatigue I felt since my daughter was born two and a half years ago is gone. That seemingly small thing has made a huge difference in my life. Based on my experience, I recommend medical qigong not only for the treatment of serious illness but also as part of a holistic approach to wellness for anyone working on optimizing health.”

Matt Nielson

“I met Mr. Shelton in April of 2002. At the time, I was very ill and disabled. I had had several health maladies for several years: Lupus, chemical sensitivities, immune system deregulation, central nervous system damage, and others. In February of 2002, I became ill with the flu. A few weeks later I came down with pneumonia.

While I had been seriously disabled before the pneumonia/flu incident, I became significantly more disabled after contracting these illnesses. By the time I met Mr. Shelton, I had degenerated to the point that I could not care for myself without assistance. Some of the major complaints are as follows: 1)very nervous 2)prone to contracting viral and bacterial infections 3)body feeling very cold 4)could not go outside because temps were to cold for me to endure without contracting some time of viral or bacterial infection 5)muscle aches/pains throughout body 6)proneness to physical injury 7)loss of approximately 30% of normal body weight 8)difficulty eliminating 9)excessive urination 10)jaundice 11)a wide variety of significantly abnormal blood values 12)extreme pain in stomach during and after eating (poor digestion) etc.

To remediate these health maladies, Mr. Shelton recommended a two-pronged approach: Qi Emissiu Therapy sessions and instruction in Qi Gong (self practice). Mr. Shelton and I worked together for 10 months on this endeavor. Gradually all of the complaints cited began to improve. While I did not make a complete recovery, I did make significant gains: I can now go outside; aches and pains have significantly declined in sensitivity; I weigh more and am stronger; I can do more for myself; digestion is greatly improved; edema has significantly declined; jaundice resolved; energy increased; etc.

This was a monumental task, given the stress I was under. My understanding is that stress can be a strong detourant to this type of therapy. If I did not receive this type of therapy when I did, I do not believe that I would be alive today! I say thank you to Mr. Shelton a million times over. He came into my home to treat me because I was too ill to leave. He came into abject environmental conditions. He put up with my personality quirks of which I have many. He gave me a generous discount on his rates because of my low income status. He made a commitment to me well enough to make the move that was inevitable at the end of our 10 month association.

For all these reasons, I have no reservations recommending Mr. Shelton to anyone interested in improving their health. He is a genuine, dedicated professional with compassion and understanding. Improved health will surely evolve for anyone who makes a genuine, dedicated commitment to working with him. Good will and health to you all!”

Janice Cochran

“When I first started seeing Chris in clinic, he strongly suggested that I have a mammogram. I had never had a questionable mammogram, had no family history of breast cancer, and it hadn’t been long since my last mammogram so I was a little skeptical at first. However, he was very persistent and kept after me until I scheduled a test. Before I went for my test, I asked him where the problem was and he told me the location.

To make a long story short, I had the mammogram, my doctor’s office called me the same day to tell me there was a problem and that they were scheduling me for another mammogram. I was called in for the second mammogram the following morning…at Stanford. By “called in” I mean I received a call and was told to be there in one hour! I was in there for a very long time as the technician had to take multiple xrays at various angles and magnifications. However, the technician told me where they were looking and it was the exact spot where Chris said it would be (the emphasis is mine). Not only that, but the radiologist’s report said the spot was too small to biopsy (again, the emphasis is mine). Let me be very clear about this, the spot was very deep, against the chest wall.

I personally believe the fact that it was too small to biopsy is the only thing that saved me from a surgical solution. I was told to come back in six months for another mammogram. Was I scared? Absolutely! Chris worked on me in clinic every week for the next six months. He also gave me homework, which I did diligently. I followed every suggestion that Chris made. Trust me, I was motivated. At six months, my mammogram showed a reduction in the spot. Chris continued to work on me and at twelve months I was given a clean bill of health.

It is my sincere hope that someone else will benefit from my experience. The most wonderful things can happen in spite of a frightening diagnosis. Chris has my total trust and I am deeply grateful for his help.”

Don Davis

“Diagnosis by a neurologist was that two disks had fused together and surgery was recommended. I was hesitant to follow this advice as I knew of several people that had back surgery without good results. Subsequently, I was advised by a friend and patient of Chris Shelton to get a second opinion. As a result, he advised chi gong treatment with him. Treatments and exercise after approximately one year proved to be beneficial. I no longer have any pain. I am able to walk pain-free. ”

Angel Figueroa

“Thank you so much for all you have done for me I haven’t had a migraine since you healed me. I always say you saved my life, Thanks. I used to get migraine headaches pretty often (4or5 serious migraine headaches a year).They would last anywhere from 1 day to a couple weeks, one lasted a whole month it was terrible. I couldn`t eat, sleep or stand the light, the pain would cause me to throw up all day it was unbearable. I went to a couple of doctors and they couldn’t tell me what was causing this nor could they help me with the pain, they gave me medicine that didn’t help. So I called Christopher at Morning Crane and he set me up an appointment that day, which I was happy and great full for. He did an evaluation and worked on me that day and I went home with only a small headache and was able to eat and sleep. The next day I felt much better and I went back a few days later for my second session and after that session I was already headache free. I went back a few more times and have not got a migraine since seeing Christopher. I tell everyone I know to call Morning crane for any pain management or ailments that might be bothering them. Don`t procrastinate you`ll be happy you called I was. Thanks for healing me Christopher! USH!”

Jennifer Julianus

“Over the last 10 years I had been in several car accidents which had left my shoulders and neck feeling tense all the time. Often this would lead to bad headaches. I had gone to regular physical therapy and taken various drugs that either didn`t work or lasted only temporarily. Once I started participating in sparring classes at my gym, the problem worsened to the point where I would have headaches and stiffness in my neck all the time, and sometimes migranes. Dr. Shelton was recommended to me by one of Cung Le`s fight team coaches. Dr. Shelton treats all of his fighters, so I decided to give him a try.

After the first visit I felt better than I had felt in 5 years. All the stiffness in my neck was gone! He continued to treat me for my neck problems for a while, now I only have to go in once in a  while for treatment. In fact it has been over 4 months since my last visit and I`m still feeling pretty good! Dr. Shelton has also helped me recover from a reconstructed ACL, foot problems, and others. I have been whole heartedly recommending him to anyone with chronic pain, especially people that conventional medicine doesn`t seem to help.”

Travis Johnson

“My name is Travis Johnson and I am a professional fighter at AKA. I received a jaw injury from training. I saw many specialists and they all failed to heal my jaw. Then I met Chris. After a few sessions with Chris, he healed my jaw. It felt good as new! I am a believer in Chris and his healing methods.”


Ernad Rosic

“I sustained two knee injuries while training Bjj. For eight months I was in agony. Unable to sleep right or function in sports like activities.  This was especially hard for me considering I love to train MMA and it plays such a huge factor in my life and happiness . After a couple months I developed severe depression and emotional issues that took a severe effect on my life. It was effecting my school, work and social life as well. It was something my family and friends began to notice.  I tried everything. My doctors didn`t know what the cause for the pain was and horrible range of motion I built up in both knees. My MMA coach had been mentioning Chris for a while but I was a critic and kept holding it of. Finally out of desperation I gave Chris a call. With in the first session I had my knees health increased by 50%. I was flushed with a flurry of emotions, that caused me to hold my tears of happiness back. I was amazed at Chris ability to heal something I was sure required surgery and I would never get rid of . Four sessions later and I`m healed fully and back to training full time. Not only did Chris heal me but he brought happiness and relief back into my life.  I`ve decided to make Chris my permanent healer.  I was so happy and pleased with the results that I have  know refereed my father over, who`s been having depression and health issues for years.  Chris is a truly wonderful and talented person who genuinely cares about his patients. Chris not only healed me but gave me a different perspective and outlook on life with the things we discussed. Chris is not only a talented healer but an educator as well .He uses the gift he has and shares it with others.  I am in much thanks and gratitude to Chris for healing me and my father. And I recommended him to people of all ages with physical, and emotional health issues.”

Annaika Schutte

“I came to Chris with migraine headaches that would last for weeks on end. The migraines were so bad that I would miss work due to nausea and vomiting. I went to my dr. and he just prescribed medication that didn’t work. Between the treatment and diet recommendations from Chris we were able to completely defeat my condition! It has been four months and I’m still headache free!!! Thanks Chris.”

Justin Garns

“My personal trainer referred me to Chris Shelton at the Morning Crane Healing Arts center because he believed that Chris could help resolve my issue with carpal tunnel. Besides having difficulty exercising due to the pain in my wrists but it interfered with my love of playing the guitar for my band. I had gone to physical therapy with no results. They told me to ice and to wear a brace which seemed to be useless. After three sessions it was gone! Even after the first session there was a 85% reduction in pain and tenderness! I am amazed at the results!”


Rebecca M.

“I was referred to Chris from my mother who heard about him from word of mouth. Skeptical I agreed to go see him for a severe anxiety problem that I had developed with school. For some reason I couldn’t seem to complete a whole day of high school without an anxiety attack, in fact I would usually have to leave school by 2nd period. After the first session I was able to attend at least two to three full days of school without any problems and after a few weeks I was able to complete a whole week of school. Chris gave me simple Qigong practices that I could do when I felt an anxiety attack coming on that really worked! He also talked to me about the importance of diet and how it played a part in the anxiety I was experiencing. Chris was definitely a huge help in resolving my anxiety!”

Patrick Noon

“After suffering a debilitating back injury I was recommended to Chris Shelton of Morning Crane Healing Arts Center by a close friend. I enjoyed immediate incremental relief from my back pain on every visit with increased mobility and stability. Chris spent the entire one hour session with me treating my pain on all levels with great success. He focused on me and helped relieve my pain. I also went to a traditional physical therapist who started all my sessions five minutes late and ended my session 5 minutes early, had me work with a trainey for 15 minutes and put me on ice a stem for 15 minutes. Long story short the physical therapist and I spent about 20 minutes of our one hour session together with little or no progress made. The fact that I had a different physical therapist every session did not help either. I whole heartedly recommend Chris and have asked my doctor to make him my exclusive therapist.”

Lily E D`Ambrosia

“Having chronic back problems, my chiropractor referred me to Chris Shelton. His treatments have been very successful, and I have been able to maintain an active senior life at age 76. Recently, Chris suggested I get an EKG to check my heart as he was picking up signs that indicated a possible problem. My Kaiser doctor found a heart murmer and some blockage in the carotoid (neck) artery. Test results indicated that I was in the lower 33 percentile with cholesterol blockage. Perscriptions were prescribed in low dosage to treat the high blood pressure and the cholesterol. I firmly believe that Chris saved me from having a stroke or heart attack. I remain his client for over two years and have recommended several friends to him with very amazing and satisfactory results.”

Jim Burns

Thank you again for opening your space to me. The aesthetics and energy feel so good to be in.

The class appreciate being here also.

Ellen Michaels

Parisa is a very talented Pilates instructor. Her knowledge of the body and her desire to really help her clients make positive changes to their bodies separates her from any other Pilates teachers I have had. From a business perspective Parisa runs her business in a very efficient and professional way which is rare in the Fitness profession. She is also really cares about her clients and wants to help them improve. In my mind she is simply the best!


Paul Silao

“I came to Chris feeling defeat with my injuries, after seeing doctors and acupuncturists for 6 months without relief. Going through x-rays, ankle bracelets, herbal remedies and a “boot” nothing seemed to help heal the pain. So I contacted Chris after speaking to Coach Allen Maravilla and made an appointment. Doubtful at first, I came in with an open mind, hoping to have full use of my body again for exercising and training. Within minutes of speaking with Chris about my injuries I felt completely at ease and knew he was the right person to see. After my first session with Chris I had full extension of my right knee and the swelling on my left ankle went down drastically. Before that I was walking around with a limp for months. I’m a firm believer in Qigong healing and will be seeing Chris for any of my other injuries in the future confident in knowing that I will be in safe hands.”

Teresa Castro

“Chris has truly changed my life.  I suffered from depression, anxiety, and emotional turmoil caused by childhood abuse.  After many years of therapy and medication, I was unable to free myself from the layers of sadness, anger and victimization that continuously plagued my life.  I was referred to Chris for his gift of healing.   Although an extreme skeptic, I was amazed to feel a material change resulting from my first visit.  After a few visits, I became aware that my layers of sadness were replaced with surprising emotional strength.  My family and friends notice the difference as well.  Although I do not fully understand the healing process, for me, Chris` healing ability and gift is indisputable.  Thank you Chris.”

John Carmody

“I have been to Chris 5x now. In those 5 sessions he has done more for me than any chiropractor has over years or any massage therapist. Amazing results Chris has provided for me. If you want to fix the problem instead of hiding it Chris Shelton is the Truth.”

Brian M

“Before going to Chris I was on 40mg of Lexapro for my anxiety. Today I am on zero mg and I feel better than ever. After each visit is over I feel calm and relaxed but also get a boost of energy that was not there before.”

Alex Ciak

“In late November I contracted a terrible flu virus that infected my respiratory system. It took me over a week to recover with the help of my doctor. Two weeks after the virus had passed I was still being plagued by a nasty wheezing, which was not present prior to my illness. I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with asthma, a condition I had never suffered from before in my life.  I was prescribed an inhaler that I used as directed, but my wheezing did not cease.  Physically, it was difficult to walk up stairs, perform for my band, and participate in any exercise.

It was in the month of January that I ran into Chris Shelton at a cardio kickboxing class. I had trained with Chris before and had taken an intense two hour cardio test with him a month before I became sick.   When he saw my condition he approached me and offered his services.  I told him I was interested and we set up an appointment.

I had no experience with Chinese medicine at that time, but Chris was always of a good personality and explained things in a very clear concise manner that made me trust his judgment.  So, began my treatment with Chris Shelton. The first item addressed was my diet and my consumption of foods with hot and cold properties, a new concept for me. Then were the actual physical treatments which are unique to Chinese medicine. The result after two sessions was a complete absence of my wheezing. Within 2 days after my last session I was able to sing with ease and return to my normal exercise routine again. The end result was a complete recovery from my wheezing.

Chris Shelton not only helped cure a lingering ailment in me, but he also provided me with resources to learn more about Chinese medicine. Currently, I am educating myself through books Chris recommended to me to further my knowledge in Chinese medicine.  I am very grateful for having met Chris and to know that his services are available for my wife and I. He has shown me a new way of approaching health and nutrition that does not contradict what I had learned from western sources, but creates a synergy that has so far optimized my well being.

My only regret is that I feel this testimonial sells short Chris’ abilities, because I am still learning and developing areas in my life that are being influenced by the philosophy of Chinese medicine. Chris will work with you to identify a problem and provide you with the tools to treat the problem.  He is genuine and sincere, and has my utmost respect as a wonderful human being and a true practitioner of Chinese medicine.

Thank you, Chris, for your kindness, help, and introducing me to the world of Chinese Medicine.”

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