Parks And Rec

Join us for Tai Chi and Qigong along with Santa Clara County Parks & Rec

Tai Chi and Qigong is an exercises system that uses gentle body movements to increase flexibility and improve mental clarity.  These classes will provide practices that bring balance to your body and mind. You will learn simple exercise combined with breath practices that can be done anywhere. After each class, you will feel increased mental clarity and calmness.

Class schedule for Summer 2024.

(Space is limited. Please click on class date to register)


Class Locations and Directions:

Casa Grande New Almaden Quicksilver Mining Museum (21350 Almaden Road in San Jose)

    • Click on the address above, which will take you to the museum. Class will be held under the big tree on the lawn.
    • Cell phone signal is very spotty there, so we recommend having directions either already downloaded or printed out.
    • From Highway 85 take the Almaden Expressway exit south 6.5 miles to Almaden Road. Turn right on Almaden Road and proceed 2.5 miles west to the town of New Almaden. The Casa Grande will be on your left.
    • From Highway 880 take 101 south to 280 north (toward San Francisco). Exit 280 at Hwy. 87 (Guadalupe Parkway) south. Exit Hwy. 87 at Almaden Expressway south (to the right). Proceed about 8 miles to Almaden Road. Turn right on Almaden Road and proceed 2.5 miles to the town of New Almaden.

Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch (372 Manila Dr, San Jose)

    • Click on the address above, which will take you to the park,
    •  Click here to go directly to the small parking lot. There’s very limited parking but plenty along Manila Dr.
    • Class will be held on the grass between the two barns. 

Alviso Marina (1195 Hope St, Alviso)

    • Click on the address above, which will take you to the park.
    • Class will be held towards the north end of the parking lot below the cement stadium seating.

About Your Instructors:

Tom Walsh (aka Qi Tom)

After witnessing his first miracle at a young age, Tom has been on a lifelong quest of understanding healing and faith. Blessed with the entrepreneurial spirit, Tom started a small business in his 20s that allowed him abundance and flexibility into his mature years. As a father, husband, and business owner one thing has remained constant throughout Tom’s life: his deep love of service to others.

Tom is a Level 2 graduate of Qigong Teacher Training and is currently studying in the Shelton Qigong Curative Course. Spending the first half of his life serving as a community leader, Tom now dedicates his time helping those wishing to refine themselves so they may step into a life of freedom. 

Christine Castillo

Christine’s inspirational story started her as a patient, then Qigong a student, and is now a Qigong Instructor.

Born and raised in San Jose, California. Christine loves practicing and teaching Qigong (Chee-gung)! Qigong has changed her life in so many ways. Just to name a few Qigong helped with managing stress, she learned how to calm down her thoughts and change them. Qigong has helped me reach other levels of subconscious being. Qigong teaches empowerment and teaches us how to slow down and listen to your body.

Christine focuses her teachings on the Qigong cleansing exercises which help release these toxic emotions, learn to accept the things we cannot control, learn to have peace and forgiveness. Not only with ourselves but with others.

Christine has been practicing Qigong (chee-gung) for eight years, teaching for five years. She teaches classes in-person and online, with youth groups, with adults, events and one-on-one sessions.

She is also learning about Classes Chinese Medicine for seven years and is a Morning Crane Curative Qigong practitioner and affiliate.


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