Jen Primmer

Company: Journey Qigong


"West Coast Jen," as she's known in The Qi Club, has background in health and healing includes a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, Advanced Yoga Teacher training and certification as a Massage Therapist. She’s taught middle and high school for 25 years, the majority of which she’s has been health and physical education classes.

Once she began her Shelton Qigong Teacher Training coursework, Jen introduced Qigong into her high school PE courses via zoom during distance learning. Returning to in person education in 2021-22, she taught Qigong to nearly 400 freshman students. She also offers drop-in classes each week to students and staff helping to build a school wide Qigong community.

Jen has personally benefited tremendously from her regular Qigong practice, with improvements to her physical, mental and relationship health.  As a teacher it was obvious that her path should be to help spread the practice of Qigong to everyone she can. In August 2022, she will begin advanced Qigong studies the Shelton Qigong Curative Qigong program. Jen is also developing her own San Jose based practice, Journey Qigong, with a focus on bringing Qigong to individuals through group classes and individual coaching.

Jen believes "Life's a journey. It's better with Qigong." Please reach out to her at jen@journeyqigong.com or visit www.journeyqigong.com for a partner in your own Qigong journey.

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