Think and Grow Rich! Study Group

In this study group, we combine Qigong mindfulness practices with selected readings, application and analysis of Napoleon Hill’s classical text, Think and Grow Rich!

The word “rich” as it’s used here is intended in its broadest sense, meaning financial, spiritual, mental and material states of prosperity and abundance. This workshop series will meet weekly through the month of January and session recordings can be found on this post.
Any action taken in service to our beautiful home is an action in service to us all. May we rejoice in the powers of nature and be of service to our planet.

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My Vipassana Journey

If you’re looking for a reset and a way to change things that aren’t working for you, I’d recommend this course strongly. Vipassana was the very practice that helped Buddha attain enlightenment. You indeed have to eat the bitter through the 10-day process, and the sweetness you will receive comes in liberation. I’m not claiming to be completely liberated from my mind, but I’ve taken a very big first step on that path, which is long but worth it for my own salvation.

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Reduce stress and increase your tolerance for challenge.


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