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Workplace FAQs

  • Q8: Sounds great! Is there more?
     Yes, there is...
  • Q7: How does Qigong help people live their best lives? Are there other benefits I should know about?
    One of the greatest benefits of Qigong is that practitioners gradually can become their own superior doctors. Doing these practices will put them in touch with their body in subtle ways. Members will develop sensitivity to both the emotional and physical conditions in their bodies. The whole idea is that eventually, they will be able to detect disease before it sets in. They will know the first signs of imbalance because Qigong teaches people how to listen to their internal wisdom.
  • Q6: What if members can't make it to live classes?
    No problem! Recordings will be posted and made available later that day.  Participants can practice anytime it’s convenient. Recordings are available for up one week after each class so they never have to miss a day. Also, they’ll have anytime access to exclusive videos — like our monthly members-only vlog and the 7 Day Qi Challenge — so there are always lots of options to choose from.
  • Q5: What's so special about Shelton Qigong?
    We have over 50 years of cumulative experience working in the health and healing industries. We’ve witnessed countless healing transformations for all types of people (and animals!) — including people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Our clients come with different conditions and from different circumstances. We’ve helped them become pain-free using simple Qigong services that are so easy to learn and inexpensive, we seriously don’t know why more people don’t do it! As a result, we make Qigong fun and accessible. We don't use complicated jargon and we keep our tone light. Healing is serious stuff, but laughter, smiles, and positivity are always the best medicines.
  • Q4: So is Qigong like yoga? Can (or should) people do both?
    Great question! Qigong is similar to yoga in that it's a physical and spiritual practice, but it's different in some important ways. The movements in general are less challenging and more meditative while yoga requires more strength, flexibility, and balance. Does that mean Qigong isn’t challenging? Not at all! The focus is just different. Members will be identifying and clearing the emotional blocks that are keeping them from achieving their best health. That means Qigong will help them be the best they can be, whether they do yoga or Crossfit, walking or weightlifting, boxing or basketball. And one of the coolest things about Qigong is that it's not a belief system — meaning, you do not have to believe in it for it to work! If anyone has a hard time accepting the concept of Qi or the theories about how it works, then they can (just as Chris did in the beginning) ignore it all! They’ll do the exercises and see for themselves.
  • Q3: Can something so simple really have a profound effect on life and health?
    Yes! To our Western minds, it seems incredible that these simple movements and meditations can have such profound effects. No surgery? No drugs? But it's true. All members need is 30 minutes a day, and in a couple weeks they can begin to notice this healing for themselves. Qigong has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and depression, ease chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue, lower blood pressure and increase heart health, and boost the immune system, among other benefits. We also have loads of personal stories from happy clients, attesting to its effectiveness. With all this going for it, can you really afford not to let your staff or members give Qigong a try?
  • Q2: Do members need special training, clothes, and gear?
    Not at all! Qigong moves are easy to learn and practice, and require no special training. Participants can come as they are. They don't need a mat, loads of space, or expensive equipment. They don't have to wear fancy silk pajamas or a cloak. Participants wear anything that's comfortable. Do it indoors. Do it outdoors. Do it anytime. They can be themselves, relax, and have fun with it.
  • Q1: Will Qigong help people who are... out of shape? In great shape? Old? Young? Recovering from surgery or a serious injury or disease? Want to prevent surgery, injury, or illness? Just want amazing health?
    Yes! To all the above. Here's the deal. Truly, anyone and everyone can benefit from practicing Qigong. That's because all the exercises can be modified. Participants can do them standing, sitting, or even lying down. The meditations and exercises will certainly give their Qi (life force energy) a workout, but they will finish feeling revitalized and refreshed rather than strained or exhausted. Each day of practice should bring greater and more significant benefits, gradually refining their health and vitality — relieving pain and helping them to be their absolute best selves, no matter where they start.

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