Secrets On The Face

Back by popular demand!

Pick a face any face – This is a six week course is based on the ancient practice of Chinese Face Reading (or Mien Shiang 面相).

This course is for anyone looking for personal development and better inter-personal relationships skills.

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In this course Secrets on the Face we will cover:

  • Receive an introduction to the FiveElements and how it applies to the face

  • Learn about powerful facial zones to determine if someone is a thinker, or practical, or gut-instinct personality

  • Uncover how and why you make certain decisions

  • Gain insight on how to recognize different personality types based on facial shapes

  • Discover potential imbalances and health risks by looking at someone’s face.

About the Instructor - Chris Shelton

Dedicated to improving the consciousness of ALL people, Chris Shelton’s motto is, “If I can do it, YOU can too!”

Chris was first introduced to face reading at a Chinese New Year celebration at Yosan University, in Los Angeles, CA. When his friend was accurately assessed by the face reader, Chris knew there was something to this almost lost art.

Back in the day, Chinese doctors did not think it was appropriate to touch women for diagnosis, so they developed a form of diagnosis based on observing the face.

This made so much sense to Chris that after that event, he did a deep dive into Lillian Bridges book, “The Face Reader,” as well as other resource books and guides.

Chris would study a specific facial feature, like the nose, and then for the next few weeks he would observe, confirm, and link different types of noses to specific personality traits.

Currently, Chris uses Face Reading in his clinical practice where he’s worked with countless people to reclaim their health and enjoy life free from chronic pain. 

He enjoys reading the faces of his friends, family, clients, etc., but ultimately he recognizes that face reading is really about better understanding yourself.

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