How to Teach Qigong for Fun and Profit

The 13 week certification course to learn the art and science of teaching Qigong and encourage healing transformations in your community.

See what some of our clients are saying:

David "Avocado" Wolfe

Nutritionist, Organic Farmer, World Traveler

“Qigong Teacher Training demonstrates and shows us how the five elements relate to our daily lives. What Chris teaches us has been worked out over thousands of years — it is tried and tested — and it works!” 

Maria Shriver

American journalist, author, former First Lady of California

“Chris has worked with me and my family for a number of years. Based on my positive experience with Chris as a healthcare professional and master healer, I invited Chris to introduce Qigong to the 2015 Special Olympics World Games. He hosted a series of onsite Qigong workshops focused on helping athletes and their families decrease stress while increasing focus and performance.” 

Lesson 4: Sign Up Today!

Become a beacon of hope and renewal in a world thirsty for genuine connection and fulfillment.

✅ At 1:00 learn how Qigong Teacher Training started

✅ At 1:50 learn about how a single mom changed her life and career after taking Qigong Teacher Training

✅ At 9:55 an exciting bonus on how to find a position as a Qigong instructor.

Lesson 3: The Qigong Training Experience

Qigong Teacher Training allows you to feel fulfilled, connected, and have purpose in your life. It helps you help yourself, while influencing positive change in the world by helping others.

✅ At 5:00 learn how to increase feelings of fulfillment, connectedness, and purpose in your life.

✅ At 6:00 practice along side us

✅ At 26:26 important questions answered 

Lesson 2: The Qigong Transformation

Since most people are super busy, they don’t take time on a regular basis to help themselves. Now you have a system to run Qigong classes which helps people deal with the past and present day stress and trauma.

✅ At 2:30 learn how to break the time barrier 

✅ At 6:00 practice along side us

✅ At 20:40 important questions answered 


Lesson 1: The Importance of Qigong

Teach your clients simple meditative and gentle movement practices to alleviate feelings of disconnection, unhappiness, depression, and lack of fulfillment.

✅ At 4:19 learn about sudden death syndrome

✅ At 9:00 practice along side us

✅ At 21:33 important questions answered 

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Qigong Teacher Training Alumni Panel

Join Chris and Parisa Shelton along with QTT alumni Dr Sonia Barret, Tom Walsh, Sherry Davis, Jen Primmer as they discuss the most significant transformation they’ve seen since you completing Qigong Teacher Training Course.

Learn how Qigong Teacher Training has impacted their professional practice and personal vitality.
As well as their biggest concern and hesitation before enrolling and how do they are doing now.
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Overcoming Dual Loss with Qigong

Check out this compelling conversation with Parisa and Jen Primmer.

During a difficult time, Jen found solace in her daily Qigong practice. She used the tools she learned in Qigong Teacher Training to navigate the grief stemming from the sudden loss of her father and brother, back-to-back. 

In times of adversity, we now have an empowering tool to process events and release emotions, preventing them from manifesting as disease within the body.

As seen in:

Improve your ability to cope with stress.


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