Stacey Rowe

Company: SJ Fontana Rowe LLC

Trainer Overview

My goal is to enable you to experience self-love to the fullest. I believe that our actions and connections manifest as love, underlining our ability to circulate kindness and compassion. Love is not a mere supplement or afterthought; it is a central factor that guides and shapes the course of your life.

I will facilitate the process of identifying the immediate concerns affecting your well-being. Armed with this understanding, I will assist you in taking control of your environment to make choices that enhance your life positively. Furthermore, I will guide you in learning techniques that help you activate your body's inherent ability to heal itself.

Let us dive into our emotions and play with the occasionally muddy, occasionally enchanting core of our identities. Share your stories; I am eager to hear what you have to share. I am here to inspire you, and I look forward to being captivated by your wonderful self. You are an extraordinary individual, and I commit unwaveringly to helping you feel the same way about yourself.


Certifications and Achievements:

2009 Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

2017-2018 Akasha Reading

2017-2019 Reiki Master Teacher

2018 Ordained Minister

2019 Beyond Quantum Healing

2023 Qigong Teacher Level 2


I have been working with energy in its myriad forms since 2017.

Reduce stress and increase your tolerance for challenge.


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