Be a Peaceful Warrior: Humble, Grateful, Kind

Recently Chris and I attended a kickboxing competition. I was amazed to watch the winner of the match bow at the feet of the opponent he’d (literally) beaten.*

Chris, a former martial-arts competitor and today a go-to healer for these athletes, explained that a true Warrior, like the one we were looking at, cultivates a mindset of respect and gratitude as part of his physical training.

When a fighter bows at the feet of his opponent, he is offering humility, gratitude and kinship. A low bow after a big fight is an act of Oneness and reconciliation.

Imagine what the world would be like if our leaders behaved like noble fighters?

Imagine if after fighting in the ring – or during an election – our leaders reconciled in the spirit of humility, gratitude and kinship? By bowing to one another, all of us could move forward with peace, grace and a clean slate.

We are our own leaders. And we are interconnected. All of us exist together like a cosmic womb of subtle energy that supports our bodies and our lives.

Let’s show our “leaders,” who in fact are our elected servants, how to behave.

Today, ask yourself how you can lead better, brighter, bigger.

What can I do differently to let my light shine brighter?

How can I show more Love in my family or in my community?

Who deserves gratitude from me and how will I express that thanks?

This Thanksgiving, be a peaceful Warrior when surrounded by all those turkeys! Rather than raising your fists or your voice, bow deeply to your opponent. Bow deeply as we move away from election season and toward a peaceful season.

Be the leader you wish to see in the world. May you express humility, gratitude and kinship this Thanksgiving and always.

Love & Gratitude,
–Chris & Parisa Shelton

* Photo by Dale Shirley

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