Got 50,000 push ups?

What does a Hollywood physique expert, Sumo champ and
Curative Qigong master have in common?
50,000 push-ups for charity.
Join me, Eric the Trainer, Sumo Dan and several others for a 50,000 pushup challenge, benefitting the Martial Arts History Museum in Los Angeles, CA.
Starting August 1st, Eric and I, along with other local celebrities, will be campaigning to raise money for this incredible organization.
Martial Arts is near and dear to my heart because it was though Martial Arts that I found Qigong.
There are three applications to Qigong: medial, martial, and spiritual.
The martial application of Qigong is about harnessing Qi (life-force-energy) for battle.
In my practice, Martial Arts is less about battling others, and more about battling the enemy within. It’s about self-mastery.
The Martial Arts History Museum is dedicated to educating visitors, young and old, about Martial Arts, culture, tradition, diversity, and how martial arts have impacted human history.
You can help! Join the challenge or contribute by supporting us. Your contribution will not only support the museum, but greater fitness awareness overall, as we strive to push our own limits for the benefit of others.
Any amount will do. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.
As a bonus, check out the video above and get some pointers on doing a “perfect push-up,” demonstrated by my friend Eric the Trainer while we were on set with
MORE KVVU FOX 5 Las Vegas.
You can also watch Sumo Dan as he shows us the popular Sumo “Shiko” exercise!
You are the change that you wish to see in the world.

Click here to donate now and support our push up frenzy!!!

Thank you for your time and good-ass-Qi.
-Chris and Parisa

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