How the Heart Controls Blood Circulation According to Chinese Medicine

Blood vessels are the tubes in which blood flows. They are linked to the heart, creating a closed system. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) says that it is the Qi of the heart that keeps it beating and sending blood through blood vessels. When the Qi is sufficient, the heart can keep a normal rate and strength. The pulse of the heart reflects much about the Qi of the body and of the condition of the internal organs. Indeed, pulse diagnosis is an important form of assessment in TCM. You can think of assessing the pulse like assessing the flow of water in a hose. The condition of the hose—is it flexible or stiff? Fully open or clogged?—as well as the power of the pump—does it pump evenly or irregularly, is it strong or weak? Etc.—will determine the quality and nature of the flow of water inside. A weak and empty pulse shows deficiency of the Qi of the heart. A fine and weak pulse shows deficiency of the blood of the heart. A rough and rhythmical pulse shows decline of the blood of the heart.

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