How the Spleen Keeps Blood Circulating

The Spleen keeps the blood circulating normally within the vessels. If there is lack of Qi, the blood will not flow normally and will escape from the vessels. When this happens, it can result in such symptoms as blood in the stool, uterine bleeding, or spontaneous nosebleeds.

On a broader, energetic level, the Earth Element transforms food into the textures and activities of human life, and it is responsible for creative change in life. The Spleen in particular acts as the harmonizing force between all other organs. The Earth Element is associated with being centered in thought and action. Spleen energy which is in balance is expressed as the positive virtues of serenity, calmness, and centeredness. Out of balance, it is expressed as worry, over-intellectualizing and simply thinking too much. Conversely, anxiety and mental stress can cause problems in the Spleen and from there, the entire digestive system. Naturally sweet and bland foods nurture the Spleen.

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