How To Contribute To Matt Nielson’s House Burning Down

Can you imagine what it may feel like to lose everything you own?!

Recently, one of our good friends, who was Chris’ very first client back in 2001, Matt Neilson experienced just that when his house in Sebastopol, California burned down.
Matt and his family made it out of the fire, but they lost everything they owned.
If you feel called, please mail the supplies listed below, cash, checks, or gift certificates to the following address:
Matt Neilson – 801 Hurlbut Ave, Sebastopol CA 95472
Supply list:
Matt is also in need of some dental work to remove two broken and infected teeth, so if you are a holistic dentist or know a holistic dentist willing to contrite to the cause, please reach out.
Nevertheless, when we talk to Matt, he is taking a very enlightened approach to the current situation at hand.
Three principals that Matt has embraced and inspired us with are:
Acceptance, which refers to our ability to stay present. A mantra that we tell ourselves and recommend to say often is, “I choose to co-create with God (or the Universe or higher power, etc.) that I have acceptance over all situations.”
Non-attachment, Buddha said that “attachment is the root of all suffering,” which doesn’t imply that we let go of our goals and ambitions, but rather focus on the now moment instead those external factors that we cannot control.
Surrender, is the relief we feel when we believe in something bigger than ourselves. Faith in God, Source Energy, Nature, Life-force, Tao, etc. allows us the freedom to accept what is and releases attachment to worldly issues.
This circumstance that Matt is going though reminds me of the California redwood tree’s giant sequoia cones, which are serotinous.
Serotinous means that the cones containing the seeds remain closed on the tree with delayed seed spreading or germination.
It is actually fire on the forest floor that causes causes the tree’s cones to dry out, open and release their seeds.
This adaptation ensures that the tree times the release of most of its seeds to coincide with fire, which creates ideal conditions for new redwood tress to sprout.
Similar to the incredible redwood tree seeds, Matt will germinate and rise again.
If you’re feeling called please contribute to Matt and his family.
May you rise like a phoenix and savor this now moment.
Much love,
Chris and Parisa
For questions, please email [email protected]
PS – special shout out to the brave firemen and firewomen who risk their lives to save ours!

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