Path of the Kidney Meridian

Path of the Kidney Meridian 

Figure 19- Kidney Meridian


The Kidney Meridian starts underneath the base of the small toe, moves over to the center of the foot at the base of the ball of the foot, then runs across the sole, emerging along the arch. It circles the inner ankle, then ascends along the inside of the lower leg, behind both the Liver and Spleen meridians, to the inner knee crease. It continues on the inside of the thigh, and then enters the torso near the base of the spine. One branch connects internally with the Kidneys and Bladder. From there it emerges to the surface of the abdomen above the pubic bone, runs upward over the abdomen and chest, and ends at the collar bone . Another internal branch ascends to connect with the Liver, Lung, Heart, and ends at the base of the tongue.




Figure 20- K1 and K2

K1: This point is known as the Bubbling Spring point. It is located in the center of the ball of the foot. Pat it with a cupped hand for insomnia due to an overactive mind. It is also good to rub to relieve shock, as of an accident. Or, to relieve a cold, rub liniment oil into the point and then go to bed.


K2: This point is located on the inner side, or instep, of the foot, where the bulge of the big toe starts. Massage this point to tonify the body or to relieve aching feet. It may also be used for problems of the reproductive system, such as infertility or nocturnal emissions.





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