Qigong Practice – Kidney Cleansing Exercise

This exercise particularly clears and harmonizes the energy of the Kidney. Use it to relieve any of the physical or emotional symptoms listed above. Or use it as part of a general health routine.

1. Start with the Three Regulations: Steady breath, relaxed mind, Wu Ji posture (feet shoulders’ width, shoulders relaxed and broad, tailbone tucked, Crown Point rising).

2. Pull Down the Heavens three times.

3. Roll the tip of the tongue back to the soft pallet palate on the roof of the mouth.

4. Place the back of the left hand on the lower back, covering in the region of the right kidney.

5. Bring the right arm up to the left side of the body, about eye level, palm outward.

6. Inhale as you sweep your arm to the right, Gazing at the back of the right arm., inhale as you sweep your arm to the right.

7. Then exhale as you bend forward at the waist, allowing for and scooping action to take place with your right arm /palm as your arm moving front of your body from right to left..

8. Continuing this as a circular action motion. That is, begin inhaling again, as you bring your palm and body back to the beginning position, hand at eye level, palm outward.inhale as you sweep your arm, at eye level, to the right, then exhale as you scoop/sweep your arm to the left at knee level.

9. Repeat several times, then switch and do the same exercise on the left side.

10. Finish by Pulling Down the Heavens three times.

1. As part of a daily health routine, repeat 3x on each side. When targeting a specific problem, repeat it 9-36 x on each side.
2. To increase the efficacy of the exercise, you may say the Kidney sound, “FUUU”, when exhaling. The “U” is pronounced as “oo”
3. The left Kidney represents Kidney Yin while the right represents Kidney Yang, which is the motive force for heat and transformation in the body. Thus, it is important to do both sides equally.

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