Fall on Your Face this Fall: Secrets on Your Face

Every face shows and tells our health stories

My mother was correct when she told me that if I kept making the same face it would stay that way.
Although new to most Westerners, Chinese face reading has been around for thousands of years as a way of assessing physical health and personality traits.
If you’ve ever been fooled, hurt or misled by another person’s intentions, you’re going to love and appreciate Chinese face reading.
Below are nine major signs on the face that reveal insight into people’s character and personality as well as their potential for disease. And yes, what you see on other people’s faces may also be mirrored and meaningful on you!
Remember to approach these nine signs with wonderment and a sense of play.
Rather than looking for dis-ease by scanning your face with fear, stay open to personality traits that may or may not serve you and others. If you see signs that feel “negative” consider how you can tweak a lifestyle habit or two.
Face reading is fabulously old and fabulously fun too. These nine signs show a lot about who you are, who they are… and offer a glimpse into all those stories we carry in our head, heart andhuman body.
1. Vertical downturned lines near the eyes indicate past regrets.
2. Horizontal lines at the top or bridge of the nose indicate high or low blood sugar and high-diabetic risk.
3. Wrinkles around the lips indicate feelings of being under-nurtured in the past or present.
4. A crooked, uneven mouth indicates a person who is likely to lie and spread exaggerated falsehoods about themselves.
5. Ears that stick out from the head means the person only hears what they want and is not a mindful or empathetic listener.
6. Large round nostrils usually appear on people who are generous with their time and money.
7. A large mouth with full lips belong to those who love and are energized by soft creatures like puppies, babies and flowers.
8. Sparkling eyes (clear, bright) indicate a strong, powerful spirit.

9. Large fatty earlobes reflect a well-balanced spirit and potential for a long, healthy life.

Want to learn more about how to apply Chinese face reading?  Join us live or online for our six-part workshop series – Secrets of the Face!
Secrets of the Face
Starting October 11 to November 15 || 
Six-weeks every Thursday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. || Live at 1195 Clark St. San Jose OR Online
  • Learn how and why you make certain decisions
  • Discover potential imbalances, health risks and how to achieve optimal health
  • See how cooperative someone is or isn’t
  • Gain insight on your intellect, sensitivity and creativity
  • Access the ability to know if someone is honest or not
Learn the ancient art of using facial features, lines and shapes to gain insight into health, personality and potential for disease.
Investment per two-hour class is $105 at the door.

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