Spring Tips

Did you know that different organs of the body are affected by our changing climatic conditions and seasonal changes?

It’s true! And in springtime, the Liver becomes more prone to “dis-ease.”

According to ancient Chinese medicine philosophy, “Wind” is one of the five climatic forces that characterize the change of seasons, and it is activated during the season of spring. The presence of Wind can affect the body from the outside, but also from within as “internal Wind.”

This internal Wind disrupts Liver Qi and can create disharmony in the body and susceptibility to Liver-related imbalances.

The Liver dislikes the climatic condition of Wind, and when the Liver is congested, it is not able to process environmental triggers or toxicities. Even those pesky seasonal allergies are a sign that the Liver is overloaded.

That’s why it’s especially important to take steps to cleanse the Liver and balance the presence of Wind in the body during spring.

Let us show you how!! We’ve got some great tips in this video that are both powerful and easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

We will share some simple supplements, dietary additions and herbal teas that will allow you to gently cleanse the Liver, so it can clear out and process the buildup of negative “toxicities” in the body—including not only those from our environment and diet, but from Liver related emotions too, like anger and resentment.

Let’s clear out what is getting in the way of your optimal level of health!

Join us for these quick an easy tips for getting your Liver back in balance this spring.

Your whole body will thank you!!

Spring is in the air. Be well and Qi ya later!

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