Take Back Your Back

In my decades of private clinical practice, back pain seems to be the number one complaint that plagues my clients.

It was my own back pain that started me on this profound journey with Chinese medicine, Qigong and Tai Chi more than 30 years ago, and for the past 20+ years, I have helped thousands of people relieve their acute and chronic back pain: including issues like lumbar stenosis, bulging or ruptured disk, hip/groin pain, sciatica, and even knee and ankle problems.

Although they may seem unrelated, all of the above conditions stem from a common tightness in what is referred to as the “belt” acupuncture meridian in Chinese medicine. And, like a belt that is buckled too tight, tension in this region can cut off the flow of Qi to areas around and below it.

Tai Chi is what’s known as an “internal martial art.” Its gentle movements, along with proper mind intent, breath, focus, and structure open a pathway to deep listening within the body. It is this listening that allows the martial artist to attune to subtle changes within themselves and their opponent.

Harnessing Tai Chi as a personal practice has many practical applications as well, and bringing this greater awareness to the body allows us to address imbalances when they first arise, preventing larger issues from developing.

I have put together three simple practices that will unblock this key meridian of the back and lower body.

These movements will help elongate the spine, open the hips and muscles, and energize the kidneys—the rulers of the lower lumbar region. We will also be stimulating the three energy centers of the body, moving this healing force throughout the lower back and down, all the way to the toes.

As a bonus, I have included a link to our blog, where you can find our Back Pain Relief Guide, with additional DIY treatments you can use to stop back pain in its tracks.

Click here to download your free Back Pain Relief Guide.

Here’s to you taking back your back!
Qi you later.
-Chris and Parisa

2 thoughts on “Take Back Your Back”

  1. Started qi gong last December for my back problem bulging disk and sciatica… haven’t missed a day although pain hasn’t lessened….tried to get your book specifically for the back but couldn’t find it on Amazon……. appreciate your work…. found you originally on Unslaved
    Jean Mitchell

    1. Hi Jean!
      Thanks for your post. We’re still working not he final edits to the Back Pain Relief book. We’ll keep you posted when it comes out. Glad you found us on Unslaved!!!

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