The Best Steak Dinner You Will Ever Eat (with Chef Andre Rush)!

Dear Reader,

What if today was your last day in this lifetime?!

Thinking like that makes our problems seem so minuscule. When life is on the line, our basic necessities become the most important thing. And usually the little things – like the experience of eating a delicious meal – become the moments of joy that we remember..

This week I was honored and thrilled to team up with my friend and White House Chef, Andre Rush. His talents in the culinary arts are just as big as his 24″ biceps! He is also an advocate for military service men and women as well as a spokesperson for suicide prevention.

He’s a true artist and genius and I was delighted to join him in preparing THE best steak dinner you will ever eat!!

Most people look at what I do for a living and assume that I sit home most of the day eating vegetables and sipping herbal tea.

Although I do like those things, I also used to be a butcher…

In Hindu and some yogic cultures, it is frowned upon to eat beef because the cow is a sacred animal.

However, in Chinese medicine, small amounts of lean red meat are often recommended to build blood, boost energy and improve stamina.

The quality of the steak that you purchase is really what matters. This week, we got our hands on a delicious prime cut and when we show you how to chop it and turn it into a meal that is certainly worthy of being the LAST, you won’t be disappointed.

For those vegetarians, there is also caramelized sweet potatoes and asparagus, prepared to perfection.

Try it out and let us know how it goes!

May the Qi be with you,

6 thoughts on “The Best Steak Dinner You Will Ever Eat (with Chef Andre Rush)!”

  1. Cynthia Garhart

    Tried the sweet potatoes once and they were awesome! Doing it again tonight for guests. I love how they cook – like my Norwegian Granny – no measurements, a little bit of this and a little bit of that! I’m going to try the steak next .

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