Traditional Chinese Medicine – The Lung Meridian

Path of the Lung Meridian

Figure 17- Lung Meridian


This meridian starts at the region of the stomach, moves down to connect with the large intestine, then rises back up through the diaphragm to the lungs. It continues up to the middle of each side of the collarbone, then out to each arm, passing in front of the bicep muscle, the center area of the elbow crease, the wrist, to the thumb pad. The meridian finishes at the outer side of base of the thumbnail.


Useful Acupoints on the Lung Meridian


LU1 & 2: These two points are very close to each other, at the tip of the crease when you bend your arm at the elbow. When you have phlegm, or a cough that produces phlegm, vigorously massage these points to warm them up.


Figure 18- LU 7-9

LU7, 8 & 9: These points are located at the wrist crease on the radial artery. Rubbing or massaging these points can help reduce a fever and/or subdue a cough, especially in children. For more thorough stimulation of the Lung meridian, starting at the wrist crease, vigorously rub the inside of the entire arm from wrist to elbow.

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