White Pearl Meditation

White pearl


This meditation will help ground your energy as well as restore your vitality; it specifically enhances Kidney Essence.  It is good to do anytime you feel depleted. It is also a good basic daily practice.

  1. Assume the Wu Ji posture; remember the Three Regulations. Check your alignment, head to toe, and look for any tension. Relax down the body, front, back, and center.
  1. Pull Down the Heavens three times.
  1. Breathe through the nose into the lower Dan Tian, located about one inch below the navel. Keep your breath long, smooth, even, and deep. Allow and feel the breath simultaneously expanding the abdomen to the front, back, left, and right. This expansion and contraction will fill the lower Dan Tian with both breath and Qi.
  1. Imagine your lower Dan Tian as a white luminescent pearl of incredible beauty. As you breathe, the energy from the heavens and your tissues fills the lower Dan Tian. See and feel this pearl becoming brighter and denser with each inhalation and exhalation.
  1. Now use this energy to restore the “battery” of your own energy system, the kidneys. As you inhale, see and feel the pearl expand with pure, luminous white light. As you exhale, see and feel the energy from the pearl fill and restore the left and right kidneys.
  1. Continue this breathing pattern for 10–15 minutes.
  1. To finish, Pull Down the Heavens three times.


  1. In step 5, you may place your hands on your abdomen. You might feel warmth all around your waist, as this corresponds to the Belt Vessel (an Extraordinary Meridian).
  1. The most common error people make in doing this exercise is not pulling the breath down deeply enough. If you don’t pull it down into the abdomen—that is, if you breathe only into the chest—you may experience gas and discomfort in your stomach.
  1. In breathing, feel your lower abdomen (one inch below the navel, roughly corresponding to the Lower Dan Tian) expand in all directions—front, back, right side, left side. This means it is totally relaxed. (Actually, it is good to breathe like this all day long.)
  1. While best done in the Wu Ji standing posture, the Pearl Meditation can also be done sitting or lying down. For sitting, be sure to press up the Crown Point of the head; in both cases, remember to touch the tip of the tongue to the upper palate of your mouth behind the teeth. If you are tired it is better to sit and do the meditation than not to do it at all.
  1. This is a good general practice, beneficial after any other daily routine or meditation.

Here is a video with tips of how to do the White Pearl Meditation

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