10 Min Qigong for When You’re Feeling Down

Happy Friday! Or if it isn’t so happy, that’s okay too!

We’re here for you.

Whether you’re going through a tough time right now or maybe you’re just having an off day, we wanted to give you a quick practice that will help to ease those negative thoughts and bring an energy boost to your day. ????

We love providing these short qigong practices that you can throw on time and time again because we know how challenging it can be to even take 10 minutes out of your busy schedules to give your body and mind the love it deserves. ❤️

But we promise, taking that extra time to breathe, to quiet the mind, and to follow these specific qigong moves for releasing negative energy will do wonders.

Not only will the immediate effects of peace and groundedness take place after practicing, but the long term effects of adding qigong into your life on a more consistent basis are remarkable.

That’s why Qigong is said to be the art that prevents disease and prolongs life.

Our emotions are so powerful and when we let them fester without releasing that energy, they can build up over time and cause disease.

And even if you’re new to qigong and don’t quite understand how these very simple moves are actually doing anything, just keep going. ????

Each move is specific to targeting and moving the Qi (life-force-energy) in the body so you can process the emotional chaos that swirls within us day to day.

So take that extra time for yourself to do this 10 minute mood-lifting practice with Parisa and make sure to bookmark it along with any other of our qigong videos so you can easily throw them on whenever you need it.

Sending you love and good-ass-Qi! ❤️☯️

-Chris and Parisa

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