10 Minute Qigong to Start Your Day

Dear Reader,

Summer is approaching fast! The days are getting longer and the world is slowly but surely returning to its previous pace.

This probably means more and more activities are likely being added to our calendars and busy lives…

That’s why this week, Parisa wanted to give you a short morning Qigong practice that you can watch any time, especially when you have a busy day and need to start it off with a calm, focused presence.

When I came up with the name ‘Morning Crane Healing Arts Center’ for our company 21 years ago, I thought it would be a perfect fit because morning is the time of day when the energy between yin and yang is most abundant.

In fact, one of the best times to practice Qigong is either before or right after sunrise.

Furthermore, “crane” is the bird that represents longevity. Thus it is only fitting that our Healing Center is a place that represents balanced energy, vibrancy and a long healthy life – the very principles we live by and aim to bring to as many people as we possibly can!

So enjoy this week’s 10 min Qigong video and share it with anyone you think might need a daily qigong meditation practice to keep them grounded and present though out the day.

From our hearts to yours, have a wonderfully Qi-filled weekend!

Chris & Parisa

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