A Short Qigong Meditation for Sadness, Grief and Loss

Dear Reader,

As a society, we have all experienced a deep sense of loss and sadness for our past way of living before this pandemic, probably more than we realize…

As things have started to return to a sense of normalcy, we are slowly healing from the fear, anxiety and depression we all went through as a global community. However that doesn’t necessarily mean all the trauma we felt has truly left our bodies.

That’s why this week, I wanted to share a video I put out a few years ago because it is very relevant to today and may be even more meaningful to you if you’ve been experiencing any type of loss or sorrow recently.

This short qigong practice is a wonderful way to process the feelings of sadness, grief, disappointment and loss, which are actually negative emotions generally stored in the lungs according to Chinese medicine.

As I always say, disease is caused from stagnant emotions, stress and trauma that we haven’t properly processed and ends up wreaking havoc in our organs.

When doing the movements demonstrated in this week’s video, it’s important to imagine the feelings of sadness or grief and the circumstances that brought them about, then imagine them flowing far away from the body and deep into the ground.

We must be able to acknowledge these painful feelings because avoiding them and suppressing them is not the answer. It must be revealed to be healed.

I hope this video will help you feel grounded and more at peace.
Repeat as often as needed.

Sending you love and good Qi!

Chris & Parisa

2 thoughts on “A Short Qigong Meditation for Sadness, Grief and Loss”

  1. Shirie C Eshel

    Dear Chris and Parisa:
    That was such a powerful and beautiful video about how to deal with sorrow and grief. I will be sharing with my family!!! Thank you!!

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