6 Minute Qigong to Start Your Day

Dear Reader,

We all know the importance of starting the day off on the right foot. ????

That’s why when we found the perfect peaceful place to practice Qigong in nature the other day, we thought we would record a quick flow to help start your day strong!

Sleeping allows us to put a pause on the waking world which means when we awaken, we have a fresh opportunity to start again.

Morning time is the time of day when our minds are most relaxed and open to suggestions. Your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day and your life.

It can be challenging to create a morning routine for yourself if you wake up and immediately turn to your phone, check your email, look at social media or have things to do and places to be…

Attention is the new currency and how you spend your time in the mornings has high value in the world of manifesting your abundance and freedom. ????????????

All it takes is 5-30 minutes each morning to prime the pump for coming into more full alignment with who you really are.

That’s why this week we released this short practice to help you start your day with a Qigong flow that will help balance your Qi (life-force-energy). ☯️

You can throw this video on every day if you need to or memorize the sequence and do it on your own!

The more regularly you practice, the bigger the payoff and the juicier the benefits. ????

So check out this week’s video and let us know if there are any Qigong topics or practices you’d like to see in the future!

Have a beautiful day,

-Chris and Parisa

P.S. This week’s video is coming to you from the Berlin Forest in Griffith Park, Hollywood, California. ????????????

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