3 Tips for Getting Rid of Cold Sores

It’s Friday and time for your weekly Qigong Tip! ☯️

Today I’m talking about something that’s not so pleasant, but hopefully helpful.

It’s those pesky little lesions we get on our lips that seem to always pop up at the worst time… cold sores! ????

Formally known as oral herpes (or fever blisters), these irritating sores are incredibly common. In fact, roughly 50-80% of U.S. adults carry the virus.

It’s no surprise that they tend to rise to the surface when the timing usually couldn’t be worse… ????

Why is that, you ask?

Well, it’s because they are actually triggered by stress! ????

According to Western medicine, there’s no known cure for cold sores and if you’ve gotten them in the past, you may notice that the only recommendation is to either take an anti-viral pill or put a cream on it until it eventually subsides.

While these methods can be affective, in this week’s video I show you time-tested remedies to relieve the symptoms and understand the root cause of cold sores, which are actually rooted in the spleen and liver being out of balance. ????

The spleen is associated with overthinking, worry and anxiety so we want to make sure to pay attention to what’s going on in our life that might be causing extra stress.

Meanwhile the liver is associated with anger and resentment so it’s also helpful to examine any pent-up resentments. ????

When you watch the video, pay attention to the 3 important things you can do to help your cold sore go away faster and share this video with anyone you know who may suffer from these uncomfortable sores too! ????????

Keep calm and carry on and I’ll Qi you later.

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