Avoid the Raw Rage Diet

Eat in flow with your nature

Last week I received some funny responses to my To Juice or Not to Juice video.

You’re right – I have a LOT of ideas and thoughts about food, fad diets and just how complex food choices are when you’re looking to access better health, decrease pain and feel less stress.

So in a nutshell (nuts are an excellent source of protein but not the ones you should put in the loony bin!) I’ve squeezed out the sweetest juice from last week’s video.

One big takeaway about better eating and better living from To Juice Or Not To Juice.

Honor the Constitution. That is, your personal constitution which is a mash-up of your inner “battery or life force.” Your constitution determines how much energy you have to deal with stress, ward off toxins and negative people. 

Not surprisingly, a person’s constitution is a big factor in what type of personality you are.  

Certain fruits and vegetables can be eaten to enhance your constitution and your personality type. Some foods that are healthy for one person may not be healthy for someone else.

Eating cold food (i.e. raw) during cold weather should be practiced with moderation. In general, the body finds it easier to digest when you blanch your vegetables.

When vegetables are blanched, the body doesn’t need to work as hard to warm up the food so nutrients can be digested and absorbed properly.

If your body is working too hard to warm up to your food choices, your raw diet might aggravate your liver, which energetically manages anger, and voila: you’re eating raw and you’re feeling rage.

The best food choices for you are the ones that fit your lifestyle, values, goals, geography and personality.

If I had only 10 seconds to give you food advice that serves your health no matter your constitution?

  • Eat non-GMO foods as much as possible.
  • Eat locally-grown fruits and vegetables as much as possible. (Support your local farmer’s market!)
  • Eat in season as much as possible.
  • Before eating all those delicious fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and root vegetables soak them for 15 minutes in one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with one gallon of water.

And remember, a fad diet is intended to be a fast fad.

Try out new ways of eating but stay open to making necessary changes to your diet that continually increase the health and vitality of your mind, body and spirit.

What’s really cool? By eating more consciously and with deeper intent, you bring more consciousness to the planet.

You’re like a lucky charm for people, animals and love-centered farms.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and remember: drink and eat green!

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