Board the Love Boat, Get off the Crazy Train!

Attract the perfect relationship by looking in the mirror 

Valentine’s Day is at the very heart of February.

But for a lot of us, our relationships – whether with family, friends, exes and/or lovers – can cause tremendous suffering and stress.

In Chinese medicine the heart is considered the emperor of the body because of its power and strength.

When navigating relationships, we can feel a lot like Alice in Wonderland; naïve, lost, innocent and easily preyed upon.

What happens when someone we love (or loathe) wounds us?

We’re often inspired to channel the Queen of Heart’s craziness and act from a place of “Off with their heads!” as we lash out at the illusion of bad people, bad behaviour and bad love.

But what if all the drama is rooted in here – inside us – and not out there?

What if the problem really is us and not them?

In last week’s video, Qigong for Attracting Better Love and Healthier Relationships, I brought up the animal kingdom and parenting. Yup, those two topics go hand-in-hand, don’t they?

There is a natural order to the world we live in.  When we deviate from the natural order of things, life can create chaos, disharmony and even disease. 

When looking at your relationships, it’s helpful to understand where you are in the order of things.

Animals give a good example of how we should behave.  Their interactions create the best outcome for the whole rather than focusing on one individual’s needs.

Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now says it best when he warns us that the biggest mistake parents make is believing they own their child because they birthed that child.

If you’re a parent or a child of a parent who uses money or guilt (otherwise known as “strings attached!”) as a way to control or get attention, then it’s worth examining the negative impact you’re having on others and your own growth.

As parents, we have to let our children fail in order for them to grow, to develop and to fully embrace living as a kind and awake human being.

Life is not intended to be smooth-sailing-Love Boat-style everyday, everywhere, all the time.

There are times when we all must board the crazy train whether we’re the conductor or a passenger along for the ride.

Let your kids decide how they want to travel in the world – by love boat or crazy train or a blend of both.

We are all travellers in this jungle called Life and Love.

Start to lovingly cherish that little boy or little girl who’s been so wounded and now believes they don’t deserve love.

That inner child deserves love and respect.

And so do you.

This year, be your own Valentine and take care of your beautiful, precious heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day,


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