Center and Balance Meditation for Holistic Healthcare Providers

Our main mission is to provide people with the tools they need to heal their mental and emotional trauma, past and present.

The Center and Balance Meditation is one of my favorite tools for reestablishing a mind body connection and releasing harmful, toxic stress and negative emotions from the body.

It’s one of the main practices I share with our clients, and today, we would like to share it with you—especially if you are someone who is in service to others as a holistic healthcare provider.

Throughout my decades of studies and clinical practice of Qigong and Chinese Medicine, one thing has become abundantly clear:

Negative emotions disrupt the flow of Qi and the delicate balance of our internal organs, creating blockages and stagnation in the body that eventually manifests as disease.

The buildup of negative emotions and stress also weakens the body’s defenses and vitality, draining it of life force, leaving it susceptible to premature aging and death.

With Qigong exercises, movements, and meditations like this one, you and your clients will be able to take positive steps in care of your own health, and their own health, as well as have a tool that can be utilize any time balance needs to be restored.

By releasing negative emotions from the mind and body, these simple, effective and powerful Qigong practices will interrupt and transform the disease process.

The Center and Balance Meditation will help your clients gain conscious awareness and reestablish a deep connection to the subtle energy layers of the body.

It works to ground and center the practitioner in the present moment while also clearing out the internal organs and harmonizing the flow of Qi, bringing emotional balance and support to the body’s own natural healing processes.

For more information and additional Qigong practices that you can use in your own clinical practice, please join us for our Holistic Healthcare Provider Masterclass, August 1-4.

Each class will begin at 9:00 am and will run up to one hour in length.

Click here to register.

Qi ya,

-Chris (and Parisa)

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