Your Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Ask yourself…What is it that you want to get rid of?

Now, what do you want feel more of?

For many of us, it may sound like like less pain, less inflammation, less irritation, moodiness, stress, or fatigue.

Often our clients tell us they want more joy, focus, energy, immunity, calm, and deep rest…to name a few.

But did you know that these are only a small fraction of the benefits you can receive by including essential oils in your daily wellness routine?

According to Chinese medicine, Jing is what is referred to as “the life essence” of something. Along with Shen, the spirit, and Qi, life force, it is one of the Three Treasures that your health and vitality are composed of.

That is why essential oils are so powerful and unique. They are a concentrated extract of the Jing from each plant, containing its richest qualities and its distinctive medicinal or therapeutic characteristics.

One reason essential oils are so effective is that they work on a cellular level, passing through the semi-permeable membrane of the cell to deliver rapid, often instantaneous, results.

These pure plant essences respond the body’s needs by addressing the root causes of imbalance, enhancing both physical and emotional health while providing safe and effective benefits without harmful side effects.

We choose to work with DoTerra essential oils because they are made with high quality, organic material that’s ethically and sustainably sourced, prepared in small batches, and supports small artisan farmers from over 45 countries, many of which are considered “developing.”

Essential oils are complimentary to our treatment practices because they are an additional way to incorporate the healing powers of nature into the body.

Essential oils are highly effective in resolving many common complaints, including headaches, muscle soreness and pain relief. Yet they are equally effective in other areas like boosting mood, reducing stress, and increasing the quality of sleep.

Because nature provides us with such a wide variety of plant essences, there seems to be an essential oil for almost every need you can imagine!

Also, the quality of these oils allows them to be used aromatically, topically and even internally, so you can benefit from their wide range of properties.

To learn more about the power of essential oils and how they can impact your healing journey, watch the video above as our DoTerra team gives you the inside scoop on ways they have incorporated them into their own lives with profound results.

Once you hear about their effectiveness and variety of uses, you will definitely want to try these out at home, and we are here to help as your resource and guide.

Comment below about the ways that essential oils have increased the quality of your life! Let us know how it goes!

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-Chris and Parisa

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