Chris Shelton and David Nassim Talk Shop

The best way out, is always through. –Robert Frost

For this week, we would love to share a recent and very informative conversation I had the pleasure of orchestrating between Chris and fellow Chinese medicine and energy practitioner, David Nassim.

We got Chris and David together for an in-depth discussion because their unique backgrounds have similar foundations that led them each to their own individual avenues of incorporating ancient Chinese wisdom into healing work within the body.

While Chris specializes in the art and practice of Qigong, David is a practitioner of what is known as Nei Gong. Each has similar aims in reestablishing balance and harmony to the body, although this is accomplished through using quite different modalities.

Qigong draws its healing powers by restoring balance to the body through exercises and movements that allow Qi to flow freely within and throughout the meridians. In comparison, Nei Gong is based in the practice of Daoyin, which involves a stretching and squeezing of the body to release tension stored in specific areas, often as a result of injury or overall imbalance.

Although each practice is different, both are based in the wisdom of triggering the body’s own instinctual healing processes by allowing energy to flow, unobstructed, through areas of the body that have been restricted by tension, stress and contraction resulting from underlying imbalance that, if left untreated, will eventually manifest as symptoms of dis-ease.

Another thing I found truly remarkable is how the different paths taken by both Chris and David have a very similar origin story and basis in Taijiquan (Tai Chi).

In our conversation, Chris and David share their common foundational pasts, both as students of Chen Family Taiji and the power this training has had in their own personal journeys as well as how it has been incorporated throughout their individual healing practices.

I was inspired by how Chris and David work with different techniques that have the common goal of reconnecting a person to their body’s own innate wisdom, allowing them to let go of tension and stress so that self-healing may occur.

To hear more and dive deeper into this rich and engaging conversation, click on the video above for the full video!

-Chris and Parisa

P.S. To get a copy of David’s book on Daoyin click here. 

2 thoughts on “Chris Shelton and David Nassim Talk Shop”

  1. Parisa Shelton moderated a very interesting and informative discussion with Chris Shelton and David Nassim. They share a common background as former students of Chen Family Taiji. However, Chris specializes in Qigong, and David, Nei Gong. I learned about their personal experiences, as well as how both practice and teach healing arts, including Daoyin.

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