Chris Shelton’s Healing Journey: A Remarkable TV Show That Inspires

When a remarkable article about our exciting new TV show landed in Yahoo Finance, I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm! After all, this is a project we’ve been developing for almost ten years!

With the guidance of producer and showrunner, Victor Migalchan, we have created a series that blends laughter, inspiration, and a touch of drama into a heartwarming and educational narrative. I believe this show will take center stage in the world of entertainment and am beyond grateful to share my excitement about this extraordinary journey.

The show is based on the countless healing transformations and tragedies I’ve witness over the past 20 years in clinical practice at Morning Crane Healing Arts Center. It features my experience as a passionate practitioner of Curative Qigong, Taiji, and Chinese medicine. You will also get a peek into my life story and witness the resilience and determination that led to the pursuit of holistic healing that I’ve committed my life to.

It also delves into the many challenges I’ve faced along the way—challenges that were, at times, life-threatening—as well as how those adversities guided me towards this unbelievable journey of self-discovery. This rocky path led me to the world of martial arts, ancient medicine, and the profound practice of Qigong.

The show beautifully explores my encounters with the extraordinary individuals I have met along the path, including my fateful meeting with Coach Cung Le, in addition to Sifu Tony Wong, and many other truly exceptional people. It’s a captivating narrative that touches on the human experience, the healing journey, and the role of teacher and healer in our lives.

Here’s what Victor Migalchan, prominent Hollywood show creator and fellow martial artist, had to say:

“As I read about this upcoming TV show, I couldn’t help but be drawn into the story of Dr. Chris Shelton’s healing journey. His dedication to holistic healing and his mission to spread awareness about the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine struck a chord with me. In a world often dominated by quick fixes, his approach of addressing the root causes of health issues and guiding individuals toward lasting well-being is both refreshing and necessary.”

What excites me most about this TV show is not just the story itself but the potential impact it can have. It’s a unique blend of comedy and drama that’s bound to make us laugh and cry. But, more importantly, it’s poised to make us think, learn, research, and teach about Qigong, Tai Chi, traditional Chinese medicine, and much more. It’s a show that is both entertaining and educational, a rare gem in the world of television.

Our team is not only telling a heartwarming story; we are also using it as a platform to address critical social issues. The show aims to raise awareness about topics including family dynamics, challenges in public schools, nutrition, wishful thinking, anxiety, and the alarming rise of suicidal attempts among the younger generation. Through storytelling and humor, we plan to shed light on these issues and engage the audience in meaningful discussions.

**Victor Migalchan’s Vision:**

The showrunner, Victor Migalchan, has a clear vision for this series—success. He and his team have harnessed their Hollywood experience and creative powers to deliver a show that exceeds all expectations. It’s funny and light-hearted, yet it delves deep into meaningful topics. It is a testament to the power of storytelling in the hands of skilled creators.

**Social Issues and Storytelling:**

One of the most intriguing aspects of the show is its ability to weave fact and fiction into a rich narrative. It keeps viewers guessing and engaged, eager to uncover the truth behind my life and journey. It’s a unique approach that  is guaranteed to offer an enjoyable and thought-provoking experience to viewers.

**Episode Format:**

The series is set to feature traditional sitcom episodes, each running no more than 30 minutes. This promises to be a rollercoaster of unexpected moments in compact, bite-sized doses.

My incredible life story combined with the vision of Victor Migalchan is set to leave the audience not just laughing and crying but also reflecting on the profound world of Qigong, Tai Chi, and traditional Chinese medicine. With a mission to both heal and educate, this TV show is poised to make a lasting impact on audiences.

>>Click here to access the article on Yahoo Finical 


I invite you to share your thoughts, in the comments below, on this exciting TV show and stay tuned for more updates. Let’s embark on this incredible journey together!

Love and Qi,

-Chris (and Parisa)

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