DIY Home Remedies for Hypersensitivity

Have you ever noticed at times that lights feel too bright? Or someone touching you feels unusually uncomfortable? Or even a smell that doesn’t normally bother you is driving you crazy?

Hypersensitivity is a real and common issue. It’s the body’s way of telling us to pay attention to what’s going on inside because something isn’t quite right.

Fortunately, according to Chinese Medicine, we can generally pinpoint this disturbance as a Qi imbalance of the Liver.

The Liver influences our sympathetic nervous system. You’ve probably learned growing up that we have two nervous system responses: The Sympathetic response (fight or flight) and the Parasympathetic response (resting and digesting).

When we experience a life-threatening encounter, our body automatically turns on the sympathetic response and allows us to deal with the challenge directly in front of us.

When we are relaxed and not under threat, the parasympathetic system allows our body to carry on with normal functioning activity.

Nowadays we are much more stressed in our daily lives and often times our body can’t tell the difference between a real life threatening situation and the stress of being late to an appointment, bills, social dilemmas, etc.

That means our sympathetic nervous systems can be overextended, causing hypersensitivity or other conditions!

That’s why this week I wanted to give you some helpful qigong exercises to calm that nervous system, release the stress on the Liver and rebalance the body.

I also outline some important dietary detox tips to start your day and suggest some foods to incorporate as well as foods to avoid to help with hypersensitivity from stress.

So make sure to follow along with this DIY home remedies weekly video and share with anyone you know who may experience these symptoms too.

Have a wonderful weekend,
-Chris & Parisa

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