“Girl! Can You Talk?” Live Podcast Episode

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Change is good, but no one said it would be easy!

Our friend and client, Christy, is cohost of the “Girl! Can You Talk?” podcast.

Together, she and her lifelong best friend, Ana, seek to bring laughter and joy into the struggles they face by sharing what they’ve experienced and learned along the way over a glass of wine.

The podcast is about all the things your mama didn’t talk about…

We were recently invited to attend their live and interactive event with the topic of: life transitions.

In this episode, Christy and Ana talk about some of their own major life changes and the important role connection to others played in getting through them successfully. It was a fun and lively time and Chris had a chance to jump into the conversation!

Life transitions are something we all, universally, go through.

Yet, even though they are a common experience, it often seems like they come at a time when we are unprepared – leaving us feeling overwhelmed as we design and craft a new life seemingly from scratch, and often under a great deal of pressure.

But, the beauty arises when we come together to share our challenges and the solutions we have found. This brings the magic of alchemy into play, and the rugged path of our lived experience can, in turn, bring value to others.

And, if nothing else, having the space to share among members of a wider community can be a healing and transformative process. Being given the opportunity to be seen, heard, and received, to have our experience validated, can be one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon a person.

Life transitions push our boundaries and require us to let go of our past as we build a new future out of an uncertain (and often extremely challenging) present. Yet, when we go through them together, sharing our experiences with and supporting each other, we can find greater resilience and strength than by going it alone.

We are so grateful to be of service to you and the members of this community as we face these life transitions head on, together. We are here to provide you with the support you need as you process the daily stresses that come along with the ins and outs of life.


-Chris and Parisa

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