Halloween 2023


All Hallow’s Eve traditionally marked the midpoint between the Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice. It honored the change from summer and harvest season to the beginning of the dark, cold winter ahead. Many believed it was the night spirits of the dead visited us here on earth, and costumes became a way to ward off ghosts.

Early on in our relationship, Chris disclosed that his “favorite holiday” was Halloween (even though this took me a bit of getting used to), and since then, it has been a special day for our family and The Qi Club as we come together to craft an even better costume than the year before!

That’s why, this year, in honor of Chris’s favorite holiday, we are hosting a special LIVE class in The Qi Club!  

This will be an open class, so invite your friends and family to join!

It is an especially good opportunity for anyone who has been interested in joining the Qi Club and wants to see a little bit of what we do.

Live screening will be available on YouTube and TikTok.

Join us Tuesday, October 31, 8:00 – 9:00am pacific time, for an invigorating and releasing experience. Everyone is invited, and you get an extra point if you come in costume. 🎃

Also, make sure to check out the video to see some of our favorite costumes from years past!

>>Click here at the start of class to go directly to the YouTube Live class.

If you are already a Qi Club member, you can still join us on the usual Zoom link.

Qi on,
-Chris and Parisa

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