How to Thrive This Year of the Wood Dragon!

Get ready to welcome the Wood Dragon as we celebrate the arrival of Chinese New Year this Saturday!

Although the sign of the dragon does repeat every twelve years in the Chinese zodiac, each element cycles along with it, and the last time we had a Wood Dragon year was back in 1964!

While the Year of the Dragon is known for the courageous and dynamic traits associated with the mystical animal, arriving in the Wood element brings along additional nurturing qualities and offers opportunities for a year filled with growth and transformation.

Sounds exiting, right? It is, as long as we stay mindful of any potential imbalances that may arise.

The presence of the Wood element in this sign is bound to have many favorable effects in your life, yet it is important to remember that each element offers both positive attributes and things to watch out for.

Because the Wood element is related to the Liver and Gallbladder meridians of the body, be on the lookout for signs of Liver Qi imbalance this year, including an increase in anger, frustration and conflict.

But, no need to worry! We’ve got you covered with a helpful rundown of what to expect this year and how to best respond when signs of imbalance inevitably arise.

Join us for a quick breakdown on staying centered for the year ahead!

With the right mindset and balance, you can thrive in the creative and transformative energies of the Wood Dragon, navigating daily and worldly conflicts without being overwhelmed.

Let us show you how!!

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We look forward to sharing in your journey and being part of the impact you make!


-Chris and Parisa

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