Soul Mamas Podcast: Qigong Healing with Chris and Parisa

Lori Carhart and Karen Russell, hosts of Soul Mamas – Remedies for the Grieving Heart, graciously welcomed us onto their podcast for a profound and insightful conversation about the healing power of Qigong.

Together, we explored a universal territory we all encounter at some point in our lives: the pain of grief following the loss of a loved one.

Having both experienced the heart-wrenching loss of their young sons, Lori and Karen made the choice to turn their own pain into a force for helping others. Through their podcast, they provide access to special guests and valuable information that guides listeners through the challenging journey of recovery from grief after traumatic life events.

In this podcast episode, we dive into the profound benefits of Qigong as a powerful tool for healing grief.

Qigong teaches that these deeply impactful and difficult to process life experiences lead to emotions becoming stored deep within the body’s organs. This not only interferes with our ability to process and heal from the event itself, but also disrupts the natural flow of energy throughout the body, creating a stagnation that results in inflammatory issues and diseases.

By allowing the release of deep-seated emotions from the Heart—the body’s Emperor or Empress that bears the weight of all our emotions, especially grief—these ancient practices can be a transformative force when facing the sorrow, loneliness and lack of joy one feels.

Yet, the profound benefits of the ancient practice of Qigong go far beyond healing the acute grief we feel after facing a loss. Incorporating these simple, yet powerful, exercises into a daily routine will also allow you to develop an greater sense of overall resilience and well-being in your life.

Join us in this loving and transformative conversation as we share some of our most effective practices and ancient wisdom to provide release and renewal to those suffering from grief.


-Chris and Parisa

2 thoughts on “Soul Mamas Podcast: Qigong Healing with Chris and Parisa”

  1. Thank you for this podcast. Grief is so powerful and can be overwhelming. People suffering with grief need tools like the Heart Sound Exercise, the Dry Cry, and just learning to focus on how to breathe for release. I appreciate all that you share to help people cope and feel better. Thank you.

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