Let’s Call 2020 A Big Hiccup

Dear Reader,

As we wrap up this wild and crazy year with lots of highs, lows, and plenty of chaos in-between, I want to acknowledge the emotional stress that is plaguing our society.

In this week’s video we cover a condition that is not often spoken about, but on the rise.

Can you guess what it is?!?

? ? ? Drumroll please ? ? ?

The medical term is – Intractable Singultus.

I know what you’re thinking – WTF – is that a new Transformer movie???

The answer is NO – it’s Chronic Hiccups.

According to Western medicine, the cause of chronic hiccups is damage or irritation to the Vagus nerves or Phrenic nerves, which serve the diaphragm muscle and expand and contract with each breath.

The Vagus nerves provide energy (Qi) to all the organs in the torso and abdomen. In other words, the Vagus nerves to the body is like the electric grid to your house.

According to Chinese medicine, although the Vagus nerves may be disrupted with this condition, the cause of chronic hiccups is suppressed emotions of the Lungs and Heart network.

Watch this week’s video to learn super simple things you can do to clear and open the Lung and Heart network and get rid of Intractable Singultus or chronic hiccups this holiday season and beyond.

If you or anyone you know has suffered from this condition, please share.

Happy holidays and Qi ya later,

Click Here to Watch ‘Qigong For Chronic Hiccups’!

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