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Dear Reader,
I had a lot of fun sitting down in front of our fireplace last Saturday morning.

We cozied up for over an hour on Youtube Live, while Parisa asked me some of the many questions that I’ve gotten throughout the years, which you can watch for yourself here if you missed it.

I also enjoyed the live questions that came in to the chat from people all around the world!

Now that Qigong is gaining more momentum, it’s interesting to see the correlation between the practice, the Five Elements, and Chinese medicine.

One of the biggest takeaways I want to emphasize is to pay attention to who is in your environment. If you have toxic people or stresses in your life, it will lead to the holiday blues.

Limit contact with people who bring you down, due to their own projection, keep smiling and always remember, when in doubt, look within.

Happy holidays and Qi ya later,
Chris and Parisa

Click Here to Watch ‘Fireside Chats with Chris and Parisa’!

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