Make this season merry AND meaningful

Tips for Overcoming the Holiday Blues

Holiday lights are twinkling in your direction. The malls are screaming your name. And in-laws remain the same.

‘Tis the season for festivities, family and fun. Or is it?

If you’re inwardly groaning about family gatherings going bananas this holiday, take a big, deep slow breath.

Now do that again. Breathe in slowly and mindfully. Breathe out slowly and mindfully.

There. All your holiday blues have been banished! (I know: I wish it were that easy too.)

Celebrations like Christmas and New Year’s can be tremendously painful, at best terribly awkward, for people navigating their way through family feuds, big loss or financial stress.

For a lot of us, the holidays are a time not of merry shenanigans but nasty mayhem.

There are the “primitive angels” at our dinner table and around our Christmas tree causing plenty of stress.

But we’re also coming to the holiday table already depleted.


When we are in most need of more sleep, wholesome food, mindful meditation, healing movement, positive visualization and loving self-care (aka Qigong!) most of us grunt, “Bah Humbug!” and load up on sugar, salt, carbs and television.

For weeks.

(If you think sugar, salt, carbs and television sounds like the perfect holiday, I am sort of crying inside. And suggest you put down the Christmas cake and have a nap.)

Yes, the holiday season is loaded with people who are naughty, nice or numb.

Since time began winter has signalled a season of reflection and hibernation. You’ve likely noticed you’re not alone in your desire to cozy up and fatten up this time of year!

Slowing down during the winter is a natural cycle built into our cells, but mindfulness is nearly impossible to find inside the mall or under the Christmas tree.

Making the time for a spiritual practice, whether that’s doing Qigong, sitting in meditation or reading a high-vibration book, is a restorative and loving act of holiday magic.

Putting yourself first means cultivating a loving space within, which can uplift other people.

When we take care of ourselves, we have access to deep love and true acceptance of family, friends (and foes!) when they act more like Scrooge than Santa.

All forms of holistic self-care are acts of courage and love.

Love for yourself.

Love for the family and friends who care about you.

Love for the people who press your buttons and cause you to grow, grow, grow.

As the 12 days before Christmas unfold, here are 12 tips for staying merry, joyful and bright this holiday season and always.

“Haaaaaa” through stress. Qigong’s healing sounds clear up and clear out difficult emotions.

Get enough sleep. Let sugar plums dance in your head. Sleep like a baby in the manger.

Say “Fuuuuu” you. Your kidneys really need your help this time of year. Give ‘em energy.

Never go shopping on Christmas Eve. Your wife will know. They always know.

Fasting all day doesn’t justify eating 3000 lbs of turkey. ‘nuf said.

Take naps. Channel your inner cat. Snuggle up for 20 minutes, recharge and purr.

Chew your food. Gulping down forkfuls with iced water? Stop. Use your teeth. Slow down.

Find your flock. Toxic people suck… your energy. Spend more time with friendly birds.

Bust the mythBecause you were born into a family you “have to show up.”  Not true.  Only go if you want.

Add scent to your stocking. Aromatherapy is so old Santa probably invented it to de-stress.

Write, not roar. Journaling helps you reflect, respond and receive gifts from the Universe.

Meditate don’t medicate. Go for a walk. Lay off the booze and TV. Breathe in, breathe out.

This holiday season celebrate being alive. Appreciate what you have. Express gratitude to the people who energize you.

Choose the bright side of life.

Be a child again.

May you look forward to a season of good tidings of great joy, magic and many blessings.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. Thank you for making our year merry and bright!

Chris, Parisa… and Santa too

p.s. Say buh-bye to the pigs! We’ve had 12 months of piggy images celebrating 2019 as the Year of the Pig.

And next year? A new 12-year cycle begins. Kicked off by the Year of the Rat.  Don’t be surprised if what wasn’t working, suddenly goes away before the start of this new rat year.

p.p.s. Are you reading my newly updated Qigong book and feeling like you want more? We’ve put together a new video series that supercharges the Qigong routines so your body-mind-spirit transformations happen quickly and deeply.

You can check out the series (and merry hohoho bonuses) right here

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