Micro-Cosmic Orbit Meditation

Figure 9- Micro-Cosmic Orbit


The purpose of this meditation is to facilitate and reinforce the flow of Qi in the Conception and Governing Vessels. The first step is simply to become aware of the movement of the Qi; in later stages, you can develop power in guiding Qi. Ancient sages said that, with sincere practice, it will take one hundred days to fully open these two channels or meridians. The time it takes is not important; even one day of practice will bring benefit!

  1. Start with the Three Regulations: Steady breath, relaxed mind, Wu Ji posture (feet shoulder width, shoulders relaxed and broad, tailbone tucked, Crown Point rising).
  1. Place the tongue place on the roof of the mouth behind the teeth. Squeeze the anal sphincter muscle, and otherwise relax the body.
  1. As you inhale, guide the Qi up the spine (i.e., up the Governing Vessel), to the crown of the head. If you cannot feel the Qi, imagine it. You may imagine it as light or a color or as blood or fluids moving upward.
  1. As you exhale, guide the Qi from the Crown Point down the front of the face, entering the upper palate of the mouth to the point where the tongue touches the palate.
  1. Continuing to exhale, guide the Qi down the front of the body (i.e., the Conception Vessel) to the perineum.
  1. When the Qi reaches the perineum, repeat the exercise—that is, inhale bringing the Qi up the spine, then exhale bringing it over the crown of the head to the tongue tip, and down the front to the perineum.
  1. Repeat the exercise continuously. At the end, with your mind, bring the Qi to the lower Dan Tian and store it there.


  1. Initially, practice this meditation for 10-15 minutes per day.
  1. At the beginning, when you may not feel the flow of Qi, use the length of one inhale to visualize bringing the Qi from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Later, you can do it much faster, especially when you are aware of the Qi and its natural tendencies.
  1. You may practice the Micro-cosmic Orbit in any position (standing, sitting, or lying down), and at any time. For example, you might do it any time you are waiting, as when stopped at a traffic light or standing in line at a store or even while watching TV.

Here’s a short video on how to do the Micro-Cosmic Orbit Meditation:

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