Cooking With Chris: Pad thai recipe Edition!

Cooking With Chris Shelton: Pad thai recipe Edition!

Want to feel good while also eating the foods you love???

Yes, me too!

That’s why I have crafted a series of recipes that are healthy, nutritious and balancing to the body, yet delicious and delightful to the spirit.

Here is one that I want to share with you! My favorite vegetarian Pad Thai recipe.

With the benefits of Shiitake mushrooms, avocado oil and other fresh, healthy ingredients like garlic, green onion, and organic tofu, your body will thank you while you feast on flavor.

I know, you don’t eat noodles…right? Because of the sugar, gluten, cholesterol, fat and dairy? Well, let me share my secret ingredient with you!

Nature has provided us with all that we need, including healthy and nutritious foods that taste and make us feel great!

What we eat nourishes our bodies and also feeds our spirit. We can treat every meal we prepare as a gift to ourselves.

We deserve both great health and great delight. That must be why mother nature made these healthy foods so flavorful!

Share this balanced, nutritious, and delicious meal by cooking for those you love, and multiply its healing and nurturing effects.

From our table to yours, here’s to vibrant health and a healthy appetite!


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