Father Passing Away

 Father Passing Away


“The body comes to its ending, but nothing dies.”
-Lao Tzu

I would like to take this opportunity to share gratitude for the life of my father, James Franklin Shelton, who passed away Sunday.

What unites us in life is what we remember after death, and my father’s legacy is a reminder that our relationships and our connection to others can bring the greatest joy and fulfillment in our lives.

My father radiated the true importance of this. He prized fsamily, community, and friendship above all. Even in his darkest days, facing the pain and limitations of his waning health, he was pleasant, kind and full of laughter.

The relationship I had with my father developed over many decades. Although it was not what I would have wished for as a child, I had the opportunity to grow with him in my adult life, where my experience became one of genuine loving support.

He worked hard to transform the man he was before and, as a grandfather, he never missed a beat. He demonstrated his love for us by always being there whenever we needed a helping hand.

In the end, I have gratitude even for my early struggles with my father. It was through these that I became the man I am today. In many ways, some of the richest parts of my character and my own inner strength have resulted from growing through the challenges I faced with him and the opposing forces I dedicated myself to balancing.

Parisa and I are grateful to have been there for my father these last two years, and especially during his last days until his transition. To be able to provide him with the same love and support he has showed us through the years is truly a gift.

To my father:
“I love you…I know that the kingdom in the sky you are rejoicing in right now is limitless and the amount of love is limitless as well. Welcome home.”

James Franklin Shelton 1946-2022


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5 thoughts on “Father Passing Away”

  1. This was beautiful and what a wonderful tribute to a great man and his life! Thinking of you guys now and always, heart and mind ~ xoxo Deb

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