Qigong- A Simple Practice with Profound Results

products2To our Western mind, it seems incredible that with Qigong simple movements can have such profound effects. No surgery? Supplements? Drugs?? But it is true. You can experience this yourself.   Indeed, one of the values of Qigong is that you become your own doctor. Doing these practices will put you in touch with your body in subtle ways. Eventually you will be able to detect disease as it sets in. You will know the first signs of imbalance, and with that recognition you will be able to correct it.

If you have a hard time accepting the concept of Qi or the theories about how it works, then, as I did, ignore it all! Just do the exercises.   Also, don’t go into these practices with specific expectations or preconceived ideas about what results you will get. The body has its own wisdom in how and when it heals. Simply practice consistently. Over time you will experience greater vitality, health and mental well-being.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take that step, and enjoy the journey!

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