Beauty Beyond the Physical

IMG_2297According to Chinese medicine, the two leading causes of disease are negative emotions and diet.  Both diet and emotions represent different kinds of “Qi” to the body. Diet is important because it supplies the physical substance from which the body continually recreates itself. Emotions, too, are a kind of diet for the subtle energies of the body and its organs. Based on their observations over centuries, Chinese medical theory posits that the internal organs store different negative emotions, and when these emotions are held on to or expressed inappropriately the proper function of these organs is disrupted, sometimes causing fatal health problems. Different organs store different kinds of energy, and are damaged by excesses or deficiencies. The Chinese also understand that these internal organs are interrelated, such that a dysfunction of one can eventually lead to a dysfunction of another. Thus, in clinical practice, we can work backward from the disease that is manifesting to the emotional toxins.

Another aspect of emotional health is one’s attitude toward aging and beauty. So often we see nowadays people focusing on their external beauty having surgery or liposuction and using techniques like Botox. Chinese medicine in general and Qigong in particular addresses this issue from two standpoints. First is tackling the attitude. Why is a person so concerned about appearance? Is there fear? Hate? Addressing these questions can be very important. The second is reassessing the meaning of beauty. When your organs, including your skin, are functioning properly, not storing negative emotions or toxic digestive waste, you will radiate health—and beauty.

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